BabyBlue (Blue)
- 2006/26/08

I was asked by a friend of mine if I wanted a cat and she explained to me that a friend of hers had passed away and she knew I loved cats so she knew that the cat would be going to a loving home. Immediately I jumped at the chance to have a cat without even seeing it yet. All I knew at that time was that she was a female cat that was about a few years old, her name was "Babyblue" (Blue for short) and shed only had 1 owner in her life. Later the next day my friend came to my house with Babyblue and I was just completely awestruck from the moment I saw her. She was the most beautiful cat Id ever saw. Due to her only having 1 previous owner I knew she was quite timid and itd take some work for her to come around and feel safe. As weeks passed Blue was beginning to relax some and come out of hiding on her own. At night she began sleeping with me on the bed and shed curl up so close beside my face. I really fell in love with her. I dont know if she began missing her previous owner but I had noticed one day about 7 mos after she came to me that she wasnt eating much and she spent most of her time in the corner of the closet so I inquired what was wrong and the vet checked her and said she was healthy, to keep watch on her and to bring her back on the monday if she hadnt improved. A friend of mine came to visit that night ( Fri Aug 26th) and when they went upstairs to see her whilst i got her food, she had slipped away from me. Breaks my heart I didnt get to get more photos of her. Only the two that I got when she came to me. "Blue" is now with her sister Sassy at Rainbow Bridge. I hope they both met up with the lady who first loved them.

Previous Home: Ontario, Canada
Parents: Shy & Dave C
ORB Sibblings: Sassy  

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