Buster and Toby
May, 1996 to March, 1997

To Buster and Toby, two little fuzzie ferrets who were so full of life. Whether they were begging for raisins or just running around being happy, I'll miss you guys and I'll see you at the bridge, till then take care. John Bentley

Little Bit, Charlie, Missy and Ralph
March 10, 1991 to March 15, 1995

You were the love of my life. I remember the day I found you looking like a squirrel in the middle of the road. I just come home from teaching sunday school where I had told the kids that if God wants me to have another pet, he will put in my path. I had lost my precious Little Bit almost a year before. Anyway there you were on my way home laying on the side of road so of course I stopped. I picked you up and fell in love at that moment. My husband never did believe that I just found you. You became r, such a terrible loss. We mis s him too. Our poor Ralphie who had seizures, whom we always thought would be the first to go was the last. I went away one weekend and came home to find my Missy sick. Our vet said it was hemolytic anemia and we took her to MSU and we gave you numerous blood transfusions until the day came when we had to make that final decision so we brought you home to be with your Ralph for couple more days. I remember kissing you as the vet gave you the shot and my husband holding us both. We did the best for you. Love Mommy and Daddy.
Pepper and Ginger
passed on to the Bridge in 1996 and 1997

Well, Pepper first. Pepper had been in his small cage for months. We let him out. I thaght he was on the safe side. There were lots of weeds and a gate with a gap we didn't know about. He got next door and was killed by Bud. A dog. Now Ginger. Ginger ate to much lettece and the good germs and bad germs got out of controll. He got werce than better than less and then got put down. And thats the long old story.


passed on to the Bridge on May 11, 1997

Abbey had cancer and she was very old(6 years old),she lived longer then she was suppose to.She was the first feret we had ever had! Love,
Her family
(loving family)

April, 1993 to May 6, 1997

To Alexander, There will never be another ferret quite like you. You brought such happiness and love into our lives. I'm sorry for any suffering you might have felt. We will always miss you and keep you close to our hearts. Linda, Dennis, Katy , Chloe, Popcorn and Snobol


passed on to the Bridge on April 5, 1997

What can I say? You were loved and still are, and will be greatly missed. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say how much you meant to us. To the neighborhood kids, you were just their size. To Jeanne, you were her confidant in her roughest times. To Christi you were the object of her affection and the perfect size to take on walks. To Donut the ferret, you were a threat, and to Lexi the Cat, a scrath toy when you dared to go near. You were given lovies Daily by Suzanne, and always knew to stear clear of Steve while he was bar-b-queing. To me, you always got in the way of fetch games with Tippy and I, yet made it up by your sweet grunting noises. You showed me how all step families should be, the way you and Tippy merged so quickly. I don't know how I'm going to tell Tippy that her Friend, playmate and companion isn't returning. I will remember the good times, the destruction you have left behind in our back yard the rampade walks Tippy, you and I used to take, a leash on each arm, damned what be in our path, pedestrian or stable object. I will remember your love of marshmellows, and sneaking inside in the winter. I will remember the lessons you taught us all and the nuzzles you always had readily avaidable. Say hello to Smokey for us, We love you Buffy, all of us in this crazy household.. See you at the bridge....

February 26, 1996 to March 17, 1997

Ben.....we miss you so. You were the greatest and the sweetest ferret. We wish things could have been different and you would still be here. I will miss our walks uptown together. You were the reason we fell in love with ferrets. We love you Ben.

passed on to the Bridge on August 1st, 1994

I loved you and you loved me. I remember when you were just a kitten, how you would sit at the foot of the bed and cry until I picked you up to place you in bed with me. You slept on your own pillow, between mine and Eric's. When you got cold, you would snuggle under the covers with me. When I asked you for kisses, you gave them. When I called you, I would see you bounding thru the fields of golden wheat to come home to me. When you passed on, it was like a car hit my own heart.

Brandy Alexandra Von Gress Ambrosia
April 12, 1982 to March 24, 1992

Bosh Novak
November 5, 1994 to February 8, 1997

Bosh was a wonderful male sable who loved root beer, ice cream, any musical instrument and having his head rubbed until he was asleep. He is terribly missed by his brother Flimshaw and all of us who knew him. I love you so much, little Bosh Boy. I miss you so! Love always, Mom XXOOXX


Was a loyle,hardworcking school horse. She never got sick and she always tryed as hardas she could untill one day when she coliced. She was rushed to the vets but they could do nothing for her she was to sink so they put her Everyone was very sad about her death she was one of the most loved horses at the barn(by many) Love,
Nicole Cologne&Shallon Thoreson

February 19, 1992 to June 7, 1997

For the one I will miss so very much, you were my first ferret and I named you for what you were "a sookie BABY". The days now will be long not having you around to play with, and find all the things you use to hide. I wish I could have done something more to help you continue on earth but at least now your suffering is over. I have been crying ever since I came home and found you, but a part of me is glad your happy and heathly again. I know your watching me from above and I look up to you with sad eyes. Clyde will miss you also, because of the way you two slept together. Even though you and Clyde weren't brothers, he feels like he has lost one today. Because you liked socks so much I put one under your head and gave you your favorite squeaky toy to hold. You never really liked your collar but you looked pretty with it on so I put it on also. I will visit your resting place behind the house often and bring Clyde out also. I hope you find a friend you will love as much as you loved Clyde. I have your picture on my screen and It will stay there forever like you in my heart. I will never forget you Baby and I will always love you.

February 22, 1997 to May 7, 1997

So short a life for one so sweet,
So full of life to live.
So sad, for I will deeply miss
The joy you had to give.
*I'm so very sorry, dear little one*

Baron Von Maxwell III
Summer, 1989 to Summer, 1996

May your life be peaceful wherever you are,
whether you're living in heaven, our blessed keeshond angel,
or living afar, our poor kidnapped boy.
We love you dearly and trust God for your safety.
May our love surround you, wherever you are.

August, 1992 to August 26, 1997

August, 1992 to August 26, 1997

You came to me as a little white terror. A three month old albino. However, you became my greatest friend. You gave me abundant love every day of your five years on this Earth, and I want to thank you. I miss you so very much Blizzard and know that one day we will be reunited. Until then I hope you get as many dried apricots as your little heart desires and bottles full of Linatone. Stay happy BaBa. I'll be looking for you in the other dimension.
Thank you Blizzard!


Cinnamon(guinea pig)
October 3, 1993 to March 27, 1997

Cinnamon, my piggy, you are much missed.
Until we meet again,
Your memory I shall carry in my heart,
Until we cross the rainbow bridge together,
When I will be with you again.

Cleo Grunbichler
August 19, 1995 to March 26, 1997

Our Beloved Cleo
You will be sadly missed
You came into our lives and gave us so much joy, Love and happiness. Although you were only with us for a fairly short time, you really touched our hearts and became an integral part of our family. Poor little Cleo; you will NEVER be forgotten and will always reserve that "special" place in our hearts. Someday we will be together again, but until then ... All our fondest memories rekindled,
Carl, Lauren and Zoey

October, 1991 to April 1, 1997

For Casper, also known as Runt, my little runtster, always into everything, the little energizer bunny with the stubby tail. Buddy of Slinky. Poor little runt had a bad heart and enlarged kidney and wasn't the same ferret; he didn't play anymore and slept most of the time. Died in his sleep next to his buddy. He was a good little ferret who didn't deserve to be sick. Hope you are playing again and bouncing all over with Moxie at the Bridge. I will remember you in constant motion. Sadly missed by Mom Joanne, Best Buddy Slinky, Flash, Zip, and your Dad.

Calvin ferret
passed on to the Bridge on March 7, 1997

To tomodachi no Calvin san, my friend Calvin who kept us company in Japan when we were so far from our families and friends stateside. How could such a little fuzzball leave such a big hole in our hearts? I will save some "Froot Loops" for you when I see you at Rainbow Bridge. Love,
Mom, Dad, & Smegly ferret

Ceasar Reed
May 3, 1995 to April 14, 1996

Dearest Ceasar! We love you so much and miss you every day. We know you're waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge and that we'll be together again someday.You were not a dog, you were a member of the family!! We really miss your smile and way you'd jump on our laps to eat off of our plates, and the cute way that you had of leaving just a little of your tongue sticking out of your mouth.You will forever be a part of us! Love, Mom, Dad, and your 3 Brothers

June 7, 1993 to June 6, 1994

You entered my life so quickly,
And left it just as fast,
But even though you're gone,
Our friendship will always last.
I will remember you,
For the rest of my life,
In my times of happiness,
Hardship, and Srife.
I will love you forever and ever,
As long as I shall live,
When we meet together,
At the end of Rainbow Bridge.

August, 1995 to April 25, 1997

Colours, we all miss you very, very much. Morrow keeps looking for you. She wants to know how she's going to hide the telephone from her human mom without you! Keep dancing, my little one... Love, Human Mom Karen, Human Sis Amanda, Morrow, Sweetpea, Snipper, Clarice and Bandit

February 1, 1993 to February 18, 1997

You were the only pet I ever found at a yard sale. My silly little sable ferret girl, you loved raisins and magic carpet rides. You were a perfect ferret, and a wonderful ambassador for all the ferret friends we opened our home to after you. Rest in peace, Dee-Dee Bear.


July, 1987 to January 4, 1997

To Dusty, our little dwarf bunny guy...
We miss you, our sweet boy, more than words can say. I want to speak of you with happiness, but I still cry when I think of you. Our house seems empty without your little footsteps pattering around--without your snores coming from under the bed. Your bu n We love you, darling Dusty... until we meet again... Love, Libby and Tom and your brothers Max and Kismet

May, 1996 to May 4, 1997

To my Little furry friend Daisy. She brought me such joy, her funny little hampster ways. I will miss her terribly. She developed a tumor on her back and there was nothing I could do for you. I wished in my heart there was, I would have done anything to help you live a longer life. I had to let you pass on quietly to Rainbow Bridge, and someday I will meet you there. You passed in your sleep very peacfully, you did not suffer long. To you my Daisy, You're forever in my thoughts. Love from Melissa


He was the first pony i ever rode i loved him and i will love him always. He was little but worcked as hard as he could. He was around 30 when he died(thats old for a horse). He was loved by all and is missed desperitly by tinkerbell.(his girlfriend) Love,
Shallon Thoreson&Nicole Cologne

August, 1995 to August, 1997

The Copy Cat of copy cats, the king of mimicry.
A mentally retarded cat that learned by imitating.
Loving soul, timid and shy--Lots of love, little cutie pie.
Now up in heaven with God our Loving Father,
And also with Ranger, your loving big brother.


passed on to the bridge in 1989

passed on to the bridge in 1989


1988 to December 20,1993
Fleabag -- named by my daddy, of course -- was a seal point Siamese with one of the most loving personalities I've ever seen. She showed up on our doorstep one morning in 1988, an outgoing kitten, she let herself in the door and acted like she had lived there her whole life. My dad hates cats and insisted the cat go. But by the end of the week, she had one him over and he was hopelessly in love with her. She had an intelligence that is uncommon for any animal. She could communicate perfectly with he

Fred Randall Foster

Frowdough Fritter Bubba Baggins
December, 1994 to June 19, 1997

My "Bubbie" ferret was a wonderful pet. He came to me from a cruel owner who never let him run and play. Now, I know he is in Heaven with that special ferret "Kodo". I miss his sad eyes and his weasel war dance.
Gracie Mae
Fall, 1996 to March, 1997

my baby gracie mae, i'm so sorry that i let you down. please for give me. know that i loved you with all my heart.you were a special little girl.find kitty baby for me,i'm so'so sorry gracie mae. I love you kitty!

March 10, 1997 to August 14, 1997

You weren't in our lives very long, but the time we shared was very special. We will carry you in our hearts until we see you again. You are heathy and happy now, run and play. We love you.


Harley T. Weasel
June, 1990 to February 15, 1997

I will always miss this little guy. Harley T. Weasel, the "T" is for trouble, was one of the gentlest little creatures I've ever known and for six years or so we played weasel games every morning after I got back from running. He also used to go lots of places with me, to the woods where he usually found it scary and wanted to be carried, shopping malls where he could visit with people and even to the office occasionaly. He considered it a real treat to get a chance to poop in my office. I'll miss even that:-( Good bye my "Har Har".

passed on to the Bridge on February 16, 1997

In loving memory of our puppy Hershey, who died of a new strain of Parvo. You were only with us for two short month, but you made our lives a lot happier, especially through christmas time. We are sad to let you go but we hope that you spend your days Your family, the Maggards


Jess (Teeny Trixie-bell)
April 20, 1995 to March 10, 1996

A loving wee furball, sorely missed by us both. He came down here and took you too soon, but wait patiently at the bridge Jess, and keep Bonnie company. Now you can 'meow' properly, I miss your 'squeak', I miss you scratching at the door and your love most of all.


he was a lolay horsey. At the young age of 5 he came down with ringbone he was living at a large lesson barn he was kept with all the school horses. He couldn't walk he on ly hobled. We hope you have no more pain that you have many friends and can run and gallop agian somewhare over the rainbow bridge!!! Love always by,
Nicole Cologne&
Shallon Thoreson
and many more


Koalye DooderPea Maxwell
November 23, 1979 to October 18, 1996

She came into my life a wee thing. Barely 5 weeks old and unable to fend for herself. I needed a baby to love and she needed a momma.
Her favorite pastime as a puppy was too find loose change and drop it in her pet bed - which of course she never slept in once she figured out how to jump on momma's bed. We used the change to buy her hamburgers at the local drive through.
A good judge of character, she knew people better than I did. Several times I should have listened to her opinion instead of trusting my own.
She got older and fatter and so did I. We battled cracking knees and sore joints together. :-)
When I had to work and she needed daily care, she got to go to Doggie Day Care at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's.
I watched her closely the last year or so - knowing that the time was coming when I wouldn't have too much more. It made some days sweeter and other days harder to bear.
When I lost her I lost more than a friend. I lost my heart.
I love you DooderPea.
I miss you.

Kenney's Bandit
1995 to 1996

My son kepted begging for a ferret,Iwas afraid it would bite. Gave it a chance,along came Bandit . It was hard to be in a bad mood with her around !She was just wonderful !My underwear kepted desipearing ,found where she was also hiding bagles,balls socks etc.! We realy loved her. One day she couldnt be found, she was in a closet under a box . We did'nt Ferret proof well anuff !! My son stopted eating, the pain was awfull,guilt !!!I miss her so much ! I keep seeing her running at me trying to get me to play.

July 17, 1984 to April 20, 1997

It's a cliche, but to me she was the best dog in the world. She was my anchor, always there for me, no matter what, even when the rest of the world was a swirl of madness and changes. She never complained, she was always patient, and she was the most beautiful dog ever born. I'm still in shock, even though we knew it was coming, because she had cancer. I can't imagine ever owning another dog, because it would always lose out in a comparison with my Kiraboo, Punkinbutt, Monkeymutt. I miss her so much, I can't wait to see her again at the Rainbow Bridge, whenever that day comes.

Kanga (golden hamster)
January 13, 1995 to February 17, 1997

What a shweetie! Kanga was a gentle little fluffball who loved to climb and to run around in his hamster ball. Kanga, I'll miss you.

May, 1987 to August, 1993

Kitty, I still miss you! You'll love Maverick, and Littly Kitty misses you too! Please wait for me. Kevin


January 12, 1992 to March 22, 1997

L.S. - My best friend

May 9, 1993 to May 9, 1997

Lady was my best friend. She was a small dog, a cross between a golden retriever and a basset hound. She was very loving and friendlyShe filled my life with joy. She always slep by my side at night and neverleft my side durring the day. She had kindey f ailyer and had to be put to sleep on 5,9,97. when she went i was there. I spent the last hours with herand when the time game to go I held her in my arms and kissed her goodbyeand told her that i loved her and would miss her. she looked up at me with


passed on to the Bridge on June, 1996

My marmelade kitty, whose gentle temprament could never be matched. The only kitty that would let me rub his tummy. I miss you more than words could ever say. I hope you have lots of friends to play with and chase, and a big tree to sleep under. I love you, and I can't wait to see you again.-Laura

May 5, 1987 to March 1, 1997

He was my best friend, a beautiful Brittany Spaniel, he was the one there for my tears through the deaths of my two brothers and the teenage years of my children, I will never forget the unconditional love he gave to our whole family, I never saw him angry he was full of love. He will always remain in my heart. I will be with him again at Rainbow Bridge.

Maria Meaker
October 2, 1985 to February 12, 1997

The flight you just made is the longest and happiest you will ever make.... Just sit on Bluee's head, and tickle him as you used to until I get there.... Love,

Clyde Meaker
March 3, 1987 to March 21, 1997

Some people may say your journey is over, but it has just begun. You are now in the hands of one who loved you very much. Bluee and Maria will watch over you. Until we meet again.

June 5, 1986 to March 20, 1997

For Mickey, my Black Minniature Schnauzer; The loss of you has left an ache in my soal and a hole in my heart. I miss you so much! Wait for me at the Bridge. Love, Mom.

Maximum Boy
Spring, 1984 to March 6, 1997

Spring, 1984 to March 6, 1997

February, 1990 to November 19, 1996

For my serious one, my special coo man, always first in my heart, a true mama's boy. You were the best pet, always there to cheer me when I was sad. I hope you can see again and are running, playing, and licking water drops. I loved you and you'll be with me again someday. Be nice to Runt at the bridge. God bless you, little one. You stole my heart and I miss you. Love, Mom Joanne, Flash, Slinky, Zip, Dad, and Runt who is with you now.

May 21, 1991 to April 29, 1997

You are missed more than I can say. You were always there and always in a good mood. Which is more than I can say for me. I love and miss you.


January 15, 1996 to May, 1996

My wondrous Nigel-
It's been a year and I can't believe how much I still miss you. I see your spirit in Fidget, who is so much like you. We had a connection- a mind meld- that I don't believe I'll ever experience again. I miss your sweet cough-drop breath, your ingenui ty, and your obvious understanding of my thoughts and feelings. I still search the couch for socks, but they're not there. I know you're playing on forever with the Sprouter- have fun, love! Your mom, Jamie


Pepere "Caesar" Ferret Wise
August, 1986 to April 1, 1997

Our Gentle Man has left this place
to dance at rainbows edge.
Job well done!

Paws Graffam
1978 to 1994

Paws kitty, you where a great cat and are dearly missed. You where 16, but still acted as if you where only a kitten. You where loved by all. Ming misses you, and he will never have a better friend. Now you can sleep in the sun all day, and when you are in a playful mood, Beefa will be there to play and keep you company. There is an empty spot on my pillow, but but a special spot in my heart, just for U. You are in my thouhts often,
And in my heart always.
we all love you
Until we meet again.....


1993 to October 11, 1996
You were our 'special' ferret, our little boy. You were our little Forrest Gump, the one that needed the extra care and yet always gave so much. You touched our lives in a way we will never forget and nor will your brothes and sister. Cuji still looks for you and waits for your return home from the Dr.,Phantom takes care of your bag for you. Your Doctor Mary tried all she could as did we, the rainbow just couldn't resist your precious little grin. We still here you tiptoe across the floor when it is quiet and your Cheetos are alawys here if you decide to come home, if not we all look forward to holding you again when our time comes to meet you at the bridge. In the meantime, we all cry:( So deeply missed and loved,
moms,dads, and all your siblings

January, 1993 to March 24, 1997

Rat was my first ferret and probably my last, no other could ever measure up. Even in his last hours when he was in pain from cancer he never tried to bite his vet. I have cried many tears dear friend and I'm sure to cry many more. I miss you more then I ever thought possible. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

August, 1992 to October, 1995

My good ferret friend , Rikki , was only 2 years old when he past away. He definitely had a personality all his own. Besides the common antics associated with ferrets , he was sort of a kama-kaze. If he had the chance , he would jump off my shoulder to another persons shoulder up to a distance of 4 feet away.(90% of the time he'd land on the floor.) I think that he always wanted to fly. Hopefully he's high in the sky , now , with all of his ferret buddies. We miss you , ol buddy!

August, 1993 to April 11, 1997

In Memory of Rue...our beloved kittyboy
You taught us many life-lessons during your short time on this earth plane. You knew pain and suffering, but you instructed us with courage, hope, and determination. Even though you are no longer with us in the physical, we trust that you are in a ha ppier, healthier place. You will live on in our hearts until we meet again...at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rockett the racoon
passed on to the Bridge on March 15, 1997

Rockett the Racoon was not intended to be a pet, only a rescue from some caring humans who grew to love her. She came to our care after falling and breaking her front leg. After many days of confinement and no progress with the fracture she was taken for X-rays. The break was quite old and unsetable so the wildlife management person in charge had Rockett put to sleep. I had no say in this matter and could do nothing to stop it. I will miss Rockett and was hoping with my heart for a release back into the wild here on eart, but now she will wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss you Rockett and will see you again later Terry

Ricki Trovato
January, 1995 to February 18, 1997

Farewell my Rick, off you go to play with Opie and Harley We love you.
Mom and Dad

passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on August 30, 1985

You weren't with us very long, but long enough to remain in our hearts forever, for you were our first ferret.

1992 to August, 1997

When we first found you, you were quite clumsy, But down at our corral, you learned the art of being a cat. When we had to move, we took you out of the country, Unfortunately, we couldn't take the country out of you. We miss you and love you--our little country boy.


Snuggle Bear
1994 to 1996

You were more than a mere cat or friend to me. You helped through the times where you and Shadow were the only sane parts in my life. Thank you so so so much for your undying love and tenderness. I love you, Snuggie.

1955 to 1969

I grew up with Sparky a scruffy mongrel dog we took as a pup from an animal rescue centre. I remember the many days when I took him for walks in the country when he would disappear over the horizon chasing a rabbit. He had a good life. Unfortunately, I was abroad when he had to be put down with kidney failure. The vet wouldn't come to the house and my father had to take him to the vet who said he was busy and would do it later. My father broke down completely.

passed on to the Bridge on January 15, 1997

My dear Suzy, although you have not been with us that long, you will be missed terribly. I hope you will be there waiting for me and the others..

April 1, 1996 to September 9, 1996

My Sprouter-butt-
Dear dorkus doofus, big chub-o'love-
You were the second half of my dream team! You were the Costello to Nigel's Abbott. I loved your silliness and your clumsiness, and your total sweetness. I so much admire your bravery throughout your several illnesses. I know you're playing happil y with Nige up there somewhere, and I know we'll be reunited sometime! Love you Pout-
Mom jamie


Simon was as loving as they came. He didn't like other people much but he shure did love us! He felt that he had to pertect us. we kept him till he could barrly walk. We had to put him so we had to put him down. i don't remeber much about the death i was to young but i loved him very much. We miss you Simon!!!!!!!

passed on to the Bridge on May 19, 1997


Slinky Ferret
passed on to the Bridge in the Fall of 1996

Slinky(our second ferret) we miss you very much espically your sister Kyra and brother fred .I hope you and sukey are having a great time on the other side of the bridge . we now now have another brother to keep little Kyra company,Frank . You are in our hearts for eternity.We love you.

February, 1994 to July 16, 1997

You were our precious little jiggle-britches; our sweet little girl. I miss your warm, loving, licks, and your adorable "precious moments" eyes. We miss you and your brothers miss you.We will always love you!

Samantha J.
March 16, 1985 to October,1995

Little Miss Priss and a little bit snooty,
A beautiful Siamese who was always quite moody.
Such a sweet, loving heart you always posessed,
Though such feelings you rarely confessed.
I'll always love you my little Princess.

Sasaphras "Sassy"
January 18, 1995 to July 24, 1995

My Sassy was a kitten that couldn't be stopped! She was so smart it sometime startled me. When I first got her, I wouldn't let her out of my sight, my family thought I was crazy. That first summer I went to my grandparents house. When I got home I found that my Sassy had been stepped on by one of the two horses we had. I never got to say goodbye.

April, 1994 to April 18, 1997

Although my dear Squeeky we only had you for three years, we loved you with all our hearts. You will always be with us and we will never forget you. You brought nothing but pure joy and happiness into our lives. Sleep tight my dear Angel Squeeky, you are with God now.

Spring, 1993 to October 5, 1997

Farewell to our precious little ferret princess, we will miss you, but not the memory of you, until the day that we can play togather again.


Tantomile Rumpleteaser
January 2, 1990 to March 28, 1997

Tantomile, Tantan, blotch and spot. You were my lovely black panther cat. At first as a kitten too young to be away from her mother, you hid underneath my hair when I sat and read or typed. You could not talk at all, only squeak as though angry. Later you forgot how to purr and would hiss to speak. And when I knew you over the last months you became more than I thought a cat could be, talking to me in chirrups and calls, patting my leg to ask for food, kissing those who loved you and loving back so freely. You were so intelligent and caring, cunning enough to open doors. You climbed shelves like a ladder, using your paws instead of jumping. I miss you terribly. I miss the voice it took you so long to discover, and the way you would pat someone's hand if you did not want them to cuddle you. I miss you.

March, 1994 to April, 1994

Though I only got to spend such a short time with you, I loved you as much as if we'd spent a lifetime together. I will always blame myself for my ignorance of your illness and will always remember your loving and tender nature for the rest of my days. I'm so sorry my baby, and I miss you so very, very much.

May 30, 1982 to March 20, 1997

Torrey was a wonderful dog. He loved to climb mountains, go backpacking and camping. What he loved most of all was walks with mom. Torrey will always be remembered as a sweet gentle dog, and, most important as a true friend. Rest in Peace, Torrey.

Tigger Harden
1984 to February, 1997

Tigger, you were the best cat in the world. You were very loving up to the end. Unfortunately, you had a malignant tumor on the left side of your face which spread. We had you for a long time, but not long enough. I miss you terribly. I still think about you frequently. I hope to see you again.... With Love,
your human mom, Judy

February 23, 1993 to May 5, 1996


Tiffany was a Russian Blue Manx that loved me for over 13 years. I loved her too. Toffany, I'm sorry I didn't get help for you sooner. If only I did. But, when it was your time, I did not want to let you go. Not yet! my heart cried. I was not ready to let you go but your eyes said it was time, you were tired. You couldn't run or play anymore, and you hurt so much. You were ready, but I was the selfish one. God just loaned you to us, you were not ours to keep. It just hurt so much to watch you go away. It has been over a year and not a day goes by when I don't call your name. Be happy now and please wait for us. Find Princess and tell her I'm sorry I really didn't know. We miss her too, very much. Until we meet again Tiffany, we miss you, my little gray kitty. Love,
Diana, Jessica, Jimmy, and Kristina

1983 to 1995

Goodbye Tuesday, ( a Maine Coon cat who followed me home on a Tuesday), we and Peaches miss you. Love, Chris

April 25, 1989 to December 19, 1996

The most beloved of all my pets I have ever owned. She loved to talk to you and was happy even when in pain near the end. Tippy was a mixed breed: poodle, lhaso apso, and pomeranian, so she had quite the personality, and of course, she was one of the family.
We miss her very much and hope she is resting peacefully,


White Fang
February 11, 1994 to March 22, 1997

Goodbye my beautiful friend. Now you can wardance on the wind.

February, 1988 to September, 1996

My boyfriend and I took over the care of weezie in march of 95. Her past owner did not have the time to give her the love and care she needed. Weezie was the first ferret I had ever seen up close. I remember seeing her for the first time she had just woken up from a five hour bus ride with my boyfriend. I had asked him if she ever plays (if you have a ferret you know that when they first get up they are very groggy). anyways as time past I got used to taking care of ferrets and soon bought a kit for her to play with they got along so well weezie acted like the baby's mother, teaching her difference between right and wrong and the things she could get away with. I grew very attached to weezie and I brought her home from college for the summer and took care of her myself. towards the end of the summer both of the ferrets got an intestinal infection bear (the baby) recovered from the infection very quickly but since weezie was older she never got over it and soon became very sick. I brought her to the vet on september 12, 1996 and the vet kept her over night to help hydtrate her. the next day the vet said she had gotten worse, she was unresponsive. My boyfriend and I had to make the hardest decision of our lives; we chose to have her put to sleep. we all miss her very much and see aspects of her personality in the the kit she raised. We have since gotten another ferret and bear treats her just like she was treated by weezie. Sarah and Jon