Tiki, Rascal, and Squirrel
"May God rest your soul little ones. You touched many, many hearts in your short time here. I only wish we could have saved you. We will never forget you."
Passed on to the Bridge on June 6, 1996

Moonshadow Imparato
Jasper Filetti
Nightfall Filetti
Russe's Star Point
Grieve not. Nor remember me with tears. Smile, for I loved you so. 'Twas heaven here with you.

Felicity's Mr. Chips
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
1989 - 1995
"My companion and soulmate, I miss you terribly. Your gentle spirit walks beside me."

Ch. Joyslyn's Raggedy Rebel
Lhasa Apso
1975 - 1988
"I still feel your presence "Rebbie" and am grateful for all the wonderful memories of showing you to your championship. You were so gentle and patient with us mere mortals. I know you await at the Rainbow Bridge."

Teya and Mozu
November, 1991 - October, 1996
For Teya and Mozu who so enriched my life that I will carry their memory with me always and may I never forget the companions they were when I had no others. I do not know how it comes to pass that both should leave me so soon and so close to one another. A better part of my life has been made void, I can only hope that there is a place in the universe for such little lives lost. For teya and mozu, I loved you dearly.

Kitty, Bear, and Bungee
Kitty, my first ferret. So tiny and sweet. Wish the vet knew had to fix your problem. Keep stealing those socks and make sure Bear doesn't sit on you! Bear, such a mean little man. Guess you didn't like being thrown from a moving car window. You turned into my fat little lover boy. God, how I miss you. You got sick so quickly, I hope I made the right decision. No fighting with Bungee (yes, he does start it all). Bungee, you were our old man, Lawrence's first. We miss you. You too went so quickly. We were going to make 'that decision', but you didn't give us time. Don't pick on Bear. Hope your waiting for us. Seems as though Callie will be joining you soon. Don't make her scream. Remember, she doesn't know she's a ferret.

Harley and Patches
Harley-Some would say just a fish, but oh, what a beatiful fish. The prettiest silver and black Angelfish, so big and so sweet. The tank looks empty without you. I'm sorry about what happened but I couldn't control a midnight equipment failure. Hope they have a huge lake just for Angelfish and you will find a pretty mate. Miss you.
Patches-Pretty calico Angelfish. Sorry that your lips were deformed. You lived quite awhile, but I could see that the growth finally made it so you couldn't eat. I couldn't let you starve, so I did what I thought was right. Now you can eat all you want. You and Harley keep eachother company. I'll look for you in that big lake.


June, 1988 - October, 1995
You touched our hearts in so many ways. We thank god we were so lucky to have you as part of our lives.

Racy Andrews
Left for Rainbow Bridge on November 1, 1995

June 18, 1981 - October 14, 1996
Alex my favorite furry guy:
I miss you very much my sweet baby boy.You gave me so much.Your unconditional love and acceptance were always there for me.Everyone said you were really a person in a kitty's body!Our bond is eternal and I am glad you are free from pain.
I will love you always,Mom

January 27, 1984 - October 20, 1995
My first Pug dog. My little princess. I miss you so much, sweet Ali. I wish I had a time machine so I could get you again. I'm sorry I was selfish and didn't make 'that decision'. I wanted you to be alright, but you died a hard death. Well, your pain is gone and now you can breathe just fine. Hannibal misses his little sister. But, of course, he still isn't the boss. That was your job. Kira has taken over, but no one chases the kitties as well as you could. You didn't get to know your little sister very well. You could have taught her alot. She would have loved you, just like the rest of us. When I do get a Pug again, I'm not replacing you. That's impossible. Wait for me Ali, watch over the others. I cry for you everyday, sweet Ali. Hope there is someone to rub your ears. I send sweet kisses for my sweet pig dog. I'll look for you first thing.


September, 1994 - July, 1996
Bandit, you have given us as much love and affection that a pet can give. We are sad that you had to leave us prematurely and we miss you terribly. You
will always be in our hearts and memories. We love you very much and and we will NEVER forget you.

Fozzy Bear

Bandit the Ferret
Spring, 1994 - December 29, 1995
We All Miss You Very Much
"See you at the Bridge."

Muffin Byrnes
1986 - 1995
"She was the sweetest little thing going who,
understandably, made her way into our hearts."

Hobbes Busdieker
June, 1993 - May 23, 1996
"She was Frankie's best friend, a wonderful pet to Allison,
and now she'll be able to roam and play with her brother Calvin."

Nevarsin's Winter-Born King
he passed on to the Rainbow Bridge at 9pm 6-29-96

April 3, 1993 - March 1, 1996

January 24, 1993 - August 21, 1996
Bonnie & Clyde the two little thieves
whom I've had for 3 years. Now Bonnie
is gone Clyde is depressed and lonely.
May you rest in peace!

August 26, 1981 - January 4, 1996
the best boy--ever. we miss you, buddy!

Ted E. Bear the Ferret
April, 1988 - July 2, 1996
Ted was a butterscotch hob with fondness for climbing and knocking over any glasses or cups he could get his little paws on.His last two years were spent in our bedroom due to his failing health and mercy if he didnt take over.It just aint the same.Ted went to be with his mate Angel in July. He and Angel are resting with Chubbo,Roxi and Ferrari. He was a hell of a ferret.
...miss ya little boy

October 5, 1994 - November 1, 1996
We gave you the only gift that we could possibly think of to ease your pain. We love you 'budroo'. Your a good, good boy and now all your pain is gone. You are a wonderful watchdog and we know you will continue to watch over us......

June, 1987 - August, 1993
For the Love of Bandit... Who gave me the vision to start Ferrets Etc. I still miss you Bandit. Love, Mom

Bandit Lawerence Ferret
March, 1994 - September 29, 1996
Hi Bandit . . . I really miss you. I've felt this empyt space in my heart ever since you left. Sometimes I wish I could just go and hug you, but than you're not there. I really wish I could know where you are, but that kind of knowledge is impossible. So life will go on without you, but you will always have a place in my heart. I love you Bandit...Mom

There sure are a bunch of Bandits here at the Bridge!!! So, when it comes time for you to hold your pet again, please don't call them by their first name, or you'll get more Bandits then you'll know what to do with! ;) ......Rocky G. Poore Ferret

Mr. Bear
January 30, 1990 - November 4, 1996

Winnifred (Winnie) Bullard
December, 1993 - November, 1995
Winnie was only with us a short while even by ferret time but she was loved by all of us and is still missed today. I hope she thinks of me as often as I Think of her.

August, 1982 - October, 1996
Good bye my best friend. I will miss you but never forget you.

November, 1994 - November 14, 1995
To a loving ferret whose life was taken unexpected. We wish we would have known what to do to stop it. See you soon.

Boris Bowman
passed on to the Bridge on September 28, 1996
Boris was my First Ferret, and he was the shelter's mascot. He was a great boy and he presents is missed every day. Love Dad

October, 1982 - September, 1996
In memory of our beloved Buddy, who was taken from us in the fall of 1996. You will always live in our hearts and in our memories. We miss you and think about you every day Bud.
Love always, Your family.

Teddy Bear
November 25, 1987 - January 6, 1996
Teddy Bear:
We miss you, we love you and you will always be in our heart!
Rick, Debra, Matthew and Mark

China Rose Bowman
June 26, 1995 - July 24, 1996
China Rose was the most precious Jill, I have ever known. I miss you so very much my little girl.
Love Mom

passed on to the Bridge on January 20, 1997
Booboo, Our innocent little Kit. You were rescued too late I'm afraid, but the love you gave even when in pain, will never be forgotten. Though the last week of your little life was spent with the vet, you showed your love with kisses. We're all happy but sad that your gone and out of pain. The rest of the fur balls who never got to play with you miss you too. You were so special to us all. Your little life was precious to us, unfortunatly you had to be rescued from a two year old who obviously abused your frail little body. If only we had gotten you sooner you could have played with the others, it wasn't to be. We know you're happy now, we know your playing around the picnic table at the bridge. The pain is gone replaced with freedom and happiness. We can only hope you knew how much you were loved by all of us. We'll meet in the future I'm sure where we'll all be able to play the days away.


Pooper Clark
April 23, 1989 - July 24, 1996
You were the best little guy anyone could own...thank you for teaching me
the true meaning of love! We will miss you, but think of you always!
Your loving Family

Mikee Crawford
January 1985 - October 3, 1990
"A very bright and smart little boy."

Honey Crawford
December 8, 1990 - November 7, 1994
"A very special little girl."

Left for Rainbow Bridge on January 3, 1996
"The prettiest flowers are always picked."

Zobel Culp
August 10, 1991 - June 17, 1996
"My dear 'Zoey monster' - I love you so much,
and you will be dearly missed."

Sir Clark Gable Cadpuppy
March, 1982 - December, 1995
"I miss you Cadpuppy, love Roxanna"

Alfie Crane
May 17, 1994 - August 17, 1996
Alfie, I will always love you and never forget you.

Summer, 1994 - September, 1995

July, 1986 - August 15, 1995
My sock drawer will never be the same. Thank you for introducing me to the rules of ferrets and applying them to the "REAL" world ..... eat, drink, sleep alot, sleep some more ....... and be merry!!

Grand "Central" Station
August 9, 1991 - November 4, 1996
Central struggled to hold onto the life she enjoyed so much. She was born a fighter, and she fought till the end. Central is now a part of all that was, all that is, and all that will be. Still, I will miss her.

Kiwi (family of Central)
1991 - November 16, 1996
I started to write who Kiwi was; a silver mitt ferret. But for all of us she was so much more. Kiwi lived up to her name. She passed through live peacefully, acting like a mother even to her elder, Central. She will be greatly missed. Now Kiwi and Central are together again.

May, 1996 - November 29, 1996
Sweet shy Cimone, with us for a short time but could not be loved or missed more.

passed on the Bridge on December 12, 1996
Sweet Callie, my first encounter with a ferret. You didn't belong to me, but you would someday. I fell in love with you and your silly ways. The time came when your hoomans deceided to have a hooman baby, and didn't trust you. (Well, you did do a number on that little bird). So, you came here to be permenatly babysat. Our creepies tried to play with you, remember your screams?? We thought they were hurting you, they weren't even touching you!! You always thought you were a people and wanted nothing to do with those "rodents".
Find Kitty now, she won't bite. I hope they have Twizzlers there just for you.

1989 - February, 1996

October, 1995 - January, 1996
To a loving ferret that was only with us for a short while. Got sick to quick for us to help. We tried our best.

Cheyenne "Chey"
pass on to the Bridge on January 24, 1997
Chey was very dear to us and is terribly missed. All of our other pets miss him too. He was so energetic and healthy, up to the point that he got sick. Chey's died because he had only one kidney and the good kidney developed a hole in it which dumped urine into his abdomen. He underwent emergency surgery and lived with us for another week at home. He died on Friday morning January 24th 1997, very peacefully in his sleep curled up in his fleece bag. Cray and Michelle Stephenson

Cinnamon(short haired dachsund)
May 8, 1976 - May 11, 1996
Thank you for being my angel and watching over me You taught me so much. You are missed every day. Til we meet again... know you were loved.

October 20, 1981 - January 11, 1997
For all of the random acts of love and devotion you gave me throughout the years, I will always love and cherish your memory. When I close my eyes I see your silky white ears flying as you raced to greet me at the door -- even though I just went to the mail box.. I cherish the memory of your devotion when you where just a puppy, and stayed by my side throughout my battle with cancer. You raised my daughters, and even learned to love their babies. I knew that when you were ready to take your leave, you


Wolfgang "Woofie" Doyle
died July 13, 1996
Woofie was a very special long-haired, red Daschund adopted
from the Humane Society 4 1/2 years ago. He was loved
dearly and will be forever in our hearts.

February 14, 1990 - June 23, 1995
To the best little guy that ever walked the earth.
You will always be in my thoughts and forever in my heart.
You and Diggie are greatly missed and will never be forgotten.
Mato Wanagi

March, 1978 - May, 1993
Duke, an honored friend and loyal guardian who
helped me through the trials of childhood.

Sandy Dombrowski
February 1, 1986 - August 8,1995
"You will always be with us."

Whitey Dombrowski
October 5, 1991 - January 6, 1996
"I always knew you had a big heart."

Daisy Mae
February 16, 1996 - July 14, 1996
Daisy, you brought so much joy to our lives the short time you
were with us. It's unfair I feel that you went so soon. We
miss you terribly and will never forget you. Love,
Marv & Michelle

Jellico Bellico DeLew
passed on to the Bridge on January 11, 1997
My cat Jellico was the most beautiful and kindest little kitty. I had her for 7 years. I found her as a stray next to a building. I loved her very much she was my best friend. She was an adult when I rescued her. She was a calico cat with the prettiest green-yellow eyes. She loved to be pated and cuddled, and never scratched anyone. I miss her alot, and am glad I could have her.

August 2, 1988 - September 20, 1994
Dudley was a magnificent Golden Retriever that loved to play and create joy in our home. He was loyal to the end to our family and we miss him dearly. We miss him and still think of him every day.


Meave Everette
died June 1, 1996
"Beautiful Queen of Ferrets"
Tir na nOg rejoices at your return

March 1, 1993 - November 20, 1996
Elwood, my second "born", was my best friend in the world. He was so loving, so playful, so happy, always ready to trade kisses. Even when he was on his way over the Rainbow Bridge, he tried to comfort me, to tell me that it was okay, he was ready to go. But he should be here. *I* was not ready to let HIM go. I was not ready. He was so young for a fuzzy. The four of us who remain have a hole in our hearts that he once filled. We will someday learn to fill what hole with his memories. Until than, we cry. I love you, Elwood. We all miss you. I hope they give you 'Tone every day like we did!


August 6, 1979 - October 11, 1994
You were my first catYou were my first cat,my special lap cat.
I miss you always.

Fred Ferret
August, 1991 - July 23, 1996
Freddy, you will always be my special little boy. You were my first ferret,
and you taught me what wonderful friends ferrets can be. I promise, I'll
never forget you. Ever. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge, my little boy.
Love, Jessica

Desmond Friesen
September, 1987 - March 17, 1996
"He was my best friend and I miss him with all my heart."

Fred Randall Foster
Born 1975 - Died April 15, 1996
Fred, two years have passed and I still think of you almost every day. In your memory, on April 15, 1998, I made a donation to F.A.S.T. and the Toronto Humane Society in your honour. Until we are together again, love Mom.

Figaro Ferret
June, 1990 - October 28, 1995
My buddy who traveled with me from coast to coast. He visited more street festivals then most people do in a lifetime. The sock theif of the household. Always full of life and love even at the end. No one knew this ball of life was dying inside. Always ready to go, kisses and play.He will always be in our memories and hearts.

Fluff the Hamster
left for the Bridge on October 23, 1996
Fluff was my best friend. I will miss her very much. She was a golden hamster with a white ribbon-like stripe around her body.Let it be known that she died young but happy. She brought us many laughs and lots of joy.

Farence FerretWise
November 28, 1987 - October 5, 1996
Farence plays so far away-- from all those left behind.
Beautiful boy of silver mitt and heart beyond compare.
Rest peacefully and playfully watch 'oer children left behind.

left for the Bridge on November 8, 1996
An adorable BEW ferret, we all miss him. I'm sorry if I failed you in any way, Fes.

July, 1986 - February, 1996
Heaven is lucky to have you...
Hold tight to the piece of my heart you
have taken...
I will be home soon.....

passed on to the Bridge in February, 1993
To my loving first ferret. You will always be in my heart.
Miss you terribly.


Melampki Ferret Goins
1986 - 1994
"We miss you terribly"
Dad & Shannon

July 15, 1994 - July 11, 1996
Even though you were taken away from me at such a young age,
the lessons you have taught me and the joy you brought will
never be lost. Gone but not forgotten, your memory lives on
in my heart, and in hearts of all the people you so graciously
(and playfully) touched in the two years you blessed us
with your presence.
Goodbye Gypsy. Kisses.

June 12, 1995 - September 14, 1996
Very much adored and loved by her 'mommy'.She'll always have a place in my Heart! until we see each other again.
Love forever mommy

left for the Bridge on December 25, 1995
To "Her Royal Highness, Princess Gizmo of Boogersnit"....we miss you, and think of you everyday. Christmas will never be the same.

1994 - October 11, 1996
Just a teddy bear hamster
Is what some may say
But I miss you
And I think about you
Every single day.
Somewhere in Heaven
maybe someday we will meet
I can see you bathing happily
Washing at your feet
Holding food to your mouth
Happy as can be
Oh, Gus, I am missing you
Are you missing me?

Genesis (brother of Santana)
May 12, 1992 - July 9, 1996
We miss you. Please take care of your brother Santana. We love you dearly. May you play once again and be happy.

Santana (brother of Genesis)
May 12, 1992 - May 3, 1995
We miss you. Please take care of your brother Genesis. You were one special ferret who we loved very dearly.

November, 1996 - January 16, 1997
You were my baby. You were my little sweety. It wasn't fair that you had to leave so soon. It wasn't your time. I'm still trying to accept that your really gone. You were my lifeline. I'm sure your happier where you are now. No more suffering, no more pain. I will always be here for you to talk with in my dreams. I had learned alot from you, and had vowed not to make the same mistakes. My baby, I will ALWAYS love you. I'm so sorry, so sorry. May you always be happy. I will never forget you. Priscilla


Denali Harris
November 1994 - December 1995

Pierre Hicks

Magic Haroldson

Misty and Buffy Hollcraft
"Martini's Midnight Mist"
June 15, 1979 - September 12, 1992
"Martini's Misty Fawn"
March 9, 1981 - March 24, 1993

Sable Harnum
July 1, 1993 - October 17, 1995
"Marc, Kayla, Byron, Caine, and Harley say good-bye to you and look
forward to seeing you in the future. You are thought of often!!"

Hamilton Hyner

Chelsea Harold

Peaches & Cream Hines
Died October 6, 1980 (age 21)

Spooky Halloween Candy Cat Hines
Died December 17, 1986 (age 14)

Cleo Gentle One Hines
Died April 14, 1989 (age 2)

Kelly Delight (Hines)
Died 1981 (age 6)

Domino II Black Magic Hines
Died Februrary 16, 1996 (age 16)
"Goodnight sweet prince and princess's."

Riley Herrick
January 6, 1996 - June 12, 1996

Harry Houdini Hixson was our sweet boy. Whoever had owned him before
us had been very cruel to him, but with us he was happy and loved, no
longer afraid. An epileptic seizure took him from us much too soon,
and we miss him terribly. We'll be looking for you on the Bridge, boy.
We love you.

Thelma Hamilton
September 1, 1994 - June 6, 1996
The humans miss her terribly, but most of all her sister Louise
awaits the day they can play together again.

September 25, 1994 - July 10, 1996
Lacey was my favorite white mouse and I loved her dearly.
Rest in Peace dear friend. Love, Me

Pepe Hillhouse
1984 - January 27, 1994
I miss my dog very much. He was a very loved pet, who loved to go for walks. Pepe also liked to hunt for rabbits. I miss him heaps.
...From Samantha.

Samson Von Harley Himes
November 24, 1994 - January 6, 1997
Samson touched our hearts. He was a big playful german shepard. He loved to play in the snow. He is dearly missed by all in the family, including his friend Theo. Though our time together was short, we have good memories to last a life time. Samson we hope you are happy where ever you are. We will always remember, love and miss you. You may be gone, but you are definetly not forgotten. Memories of you linger throughout the house. Goodbye my dear "big man".


Joshua Israelson
June, 1988 - February 27, 1996
"I will really miss him. He had a way of looking intently at me as though he
was willing me to read his mind and do whatever it was he wanted me to do
for him. Joshie was a real sweetheart and addicted me to ferrets forever."

Danno Israelson
June, 1990 - February, 1996
"He was a very 'busy' vasectomised hob and a gentle lover till the end."

Tabatha Israelson
June, 1992 - February, 1996
"She struggled with poor health all of her life.
She was met at the Rainbow Bridge by Alisha Mounts, her first
owner who died in November of 1994 at the age of 22."

December, 1995 - September, 1996
You have always been a fighter. I am truly sorry that you have lost your first battle. I was there for you every moment I could be. You were my Pride and Joy. You were my night and day. I truly loved you. I am sorry for the fights we would get into, hissing and hissing at each other until I gave up and you won. What would I do to do that again. I miss you so much. And the way you left me was the most kindest thing you could have done. I had a voice telling me to take her outside. We were under a tree, in the shade, and in the warmth of the morning sun. You had passed on in my arms. That means more than the world to me that you were with me rather than being alone, cage, or at the vets. The others will be lost without you - Sonja, Roscoe, Dudley, and Oliver. Your human friends miss you also - Gail, Amy, Kathy, Patty, Brooke, and Brian. You had left a special place in my heart that will never be fulfilled by another. I will miss you terribly, and please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
We will always love you and miss you, Blanca, Sonja, Roscoe, Dudley, and Oliver.

February 1, 1995 - December 10, 1996
IVAN! first came to us as a "biggie" ferret on sale in the local pet store. He started his life with us as just plain Ivan, but he soon turned into IVAN! the terrible! He was a ferret's ferret - he loved life and trouble. He lived with out fear or thoughts of tomorrow. This time IVAN!'s exploits got him into too much trouble. He will be sorely missed by his family. Rest in peace IVAN!. We love you!!

Izabella "Izzy"
August 15, 1977 - December 21, 1996
My girl always endured my moods, yet was never in a bad one herself. If I tripped over her and cursed her, she soon forgave me and was back in my lap purring as always. We both shared the longest relationship either of us has known, and you always gave me unconditional love.
I miss you very much, Izzy, I love you even more.

September 7, 1983 - January 14, 1997
Our Iggy Is gone now and the pain has lessen, but the lonliness is till with us. I hope with all my heart that Rainbow Bridge really does exists. When it's my time I will be there to take care of you Iggy and Bitty once more. We all have had a great life with you both. I hope you and your sister Bitty have found each other. You were both a joy to have as pets. Always with our love! Frank & Kathy (dad & mom)


Asher Jarboe
August, 1995 - June 23, 1996
Asher died unexpectedly of unknown causes, leaving my three children and me
in terrible grief. She is buried in a shady spot in the yard, wrapped in the
swatch of couch cloth she turned into a hammock, with her toys and an
eyedropper of Ferretone. We miss her so much...the Jarboe family

Miss Jezebel
died February, 1996
Miss Jezzie was my third ferret, and the one who stole my heart. She was a
petite woman, strong willed and had me completely wrapped around her little
white fingers. She loved to fly and get into everything. I will miss her
always and hold her in my heart. I love you Miss Jezzie, my Queen of Thieves.

Running with Joe
April 18, 1996 - May 17, 1996
Running with Joe was a fish. Not an amazing fish, but a loving fish, a true
family fish. He will be missed dearly by all who saw his swimming antics.
Good bye, Running with Joe, Rest in Peace.

Julius (a.k.a. Spike)
1993 - November 9, 1996
Julius was a three year old male sable. He was a most gentle and loving ferret, intended to be a lifelong friend to Furrita (one year old albino). He was with us for only 13 days before he died unexpectantly from complications following veterinary treatment. Julius is buried in a small plot in the garden. We greatly miss this playful and affectionate ferret. With love always Furrita and Edward.

June, 1995 - November, 1996
Joey 1995-1996: Joey was a male silvermitt that we adopted as a kit. We affectionately referred to him as our little "rascal." We loved him very much but lost him to cancer this November. We miss him greatly and hope that he knows that one day, we will be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.

January, 1996 - July 21, 1996
Joey was our first ferret. We love him and we miss him,
and we are so sorry that he had to go so soon.

December 2, 1975 - December 6, 1994
Alas the passing of my beloved jerrferret has left me heartbroken and tearful. I will never forget his wet tongue and furry little winkie. He will live forever in the carpet pad in my room (at least his odor will). I may love Nicci, but I will never ever forget Jerrferret.....gone but never forgotten.

Passed on to the Bridge on January 1, 1997
Rest in peace old lad!

passed on to the Bridge on December 25, 1996
An ex-working albino jill - recently adopted by Peter and his son Thomas. She should have had a happy and long retirement but it was not to be. Sadly missed.


July 12, 1994 - August 16, 1995
Kramer Ferret had sharp teeth for those he did not know,
but for those he loved, he was playful and caring!

Minuit Monage King
1988 - 1996
"You were such a dear sweet dog, right to the end.
I won't forget you, my Mimi. You were my friend."

Daisy Knapik
March 15, 1996 - October 18, 1996
Good-By little girl you will missed and remembered in my heart forever.

Sonny Knapik
December 25, 1993 - May 18, 1996
Sonny we miss you and think of you every day.See you soon my friend.

Sparky (The Fire Ferret) Krugman
December 20, 1986 - October 11, 1996
Sparkford (His Formal Name) Was my first of five Fur Snakes and taught me how to love unselfishly as he did always sparky lived to make children and adults happy and he did He loved all of his four Step sisters equaly and helped when they were sick.. While I will greive always for Sparky I wil forever be greatful for the ten long years I had him. Also Sparky was a saved ferret so I will get to meet him in heaven. Because of Sparky many ferrets have found homes as he taught others to love ferrets. So with a broad smile on my heart .So sparky so long for now Buddy I will love you always and Cortney and Delila and Louise El. Wil miss you always say hello to Corky up there. Until we meet again...
I Love you Always
Daddy Neal Krugman P.S. Aunt Lea and Godmother Dori Love and miss you Too

September 16, 1995 - March 30, 1996
My first ferret, my little girl. I love you so much.
"That which is dead can eternal lie, yet with strange
aeons, even death my die"

passed on to the Bridge on January 17, 1997
For 11 yrs you were always there for us even in times when we didn't pay the kind of attention to you like we should have. There were times when you were truly struggling for our attention and we were too busy. You were a wonderful companion to the boys and you made them smile. We will all miss you terribly and think of you always. Hopefully one day we'll see ya at the bridge... Jeff, Veronica, Gabe and Nate


August 15, 1995 - August 10, 1996
Lucy was a freind, a family member, and best pet I've ever known. Be free now, we all carry you spirit alond with us.

Scruffy Lasanen
October 20, 1989 - May 28, 1996
Scrufables,my beloved little man. You filled my heart made me laugh and learn to love again.Thank you for your love and devotion.

Isabella Lemur
left for the Bridge on October 8, 1996
We went to the pet store to get a baby ferret. When we were there we saw a grown ferret kept seperate. They said she was mean and bit the other ferrets, but she was so sweet to us. We got a baby ferret AND Lemur.Lemur was very scared of our three other ferrets, two cats, and dog,but with love and patience, she was soon running and playing with the rest of them.
Lemur loved soda. She would hide all day and as soon as you left a coke unattended, down it would go and she would be off with the can. One time she got out of the house, but we found her quick, because she was trying to drag a coke can with her under the shed.She finally learned how to play.
She was a special, fun little ferret. I hope that we made her days as special as she made ours.
Munchkin, Baby, and Diablo miss you, little Lemur.And we miss you, too.
We love you,Lemur.

Scully Langley
August 15, 1994 - September 13, 1996
Scully was a beautiful, black-eyed white whose main aim in life was to give lots and lots of love to us. She died a terrible death from poisoning and even now, two months down the track, we all miss her terrible. Thank you, Scully, for all the happiness you gave your family. Rest in peace and we'll meet again!

April, 1995 - July 1, 1996
My little ball of prickles and love, never a moment where I would turn around and not find you there nipping at my toes trying to steal our socks away. Such a small soul has left us such big holes in our hearts. Gone are the snuggles, and snuffs that reminded us you were there. May you find your brothers waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.


August, 1991 - February, 1996
Max - You were such a peaceful and loving ferret. I will miss you always.
You will always be near and dear to my heart. Until we meet again....

Max Menendez
October 2, 1985 - December 8, 1995
"We honor our devoted friend, and will forever cherish his memory."
Love you Oopie!

died September 11, 1995
Suffer no more Little One. You will always be loved.
Jacci, Dale, Louie and especially Missy.

Born 06/11/93, Left this World 09/12/94
"You left this world, but you will never leave our hearts.
See you when we cross over the Bridge."

George "One-Eyed Demon Spawn" McFerret
April, 1995 - June 21, 1996
I'm glad I didn't know,
The way it all would end
The way it all would go.
Our lives, are better left to chance,
I could have missed the pain,
But I'd have had to miss...
George's Dance

"George's Song"
["The Dance" -- Garth Brooks]
Love, Ian and the Big Ferret

Grandpa Moses
passed on to the Bridge on June 27th, 1996

Contessa Marie (Tessa)
January, 1993 - May 17, 1996
You are greatly missed, Tessa. You, who always behaved as a Lady. I miss you waiting at the door and having you just sit and wait to be picked up and cuddled. Enjoy your rest under the tree. No more pain and medicine, just sweets and running with the other fuzzies on the other side. I love you.

1992 - 1993
You were the first little ferret to live in our home.
You won all of our hearts and will always be with us.
You taught us the love of a ferret. We will be looking
for you when we reach the Bridge. You are with us everyday.

Princess Mee
January 31, 1991 - August 25, 1996
Princess Mee, I named you for a poem by Tolkien. You filled my life with
laughter and cheer as you ran around stealing shoes and cat toys. You were
so friendly and affectionate. I will miss your kisses and feeling you pull
off my socks. You will never be far from me...and now you can run and play.
No more pain, Mee. Just play now. I love you and I miss you. Watch for
me, Sweetie.

1995 - September 29, 1996
No one knows what you meant to me. You were the best ferret I have had or will ever have. I remember the first day I met you. I was at the park and there you were. Like an angel sent from heaven to me;there you were. Every day I cry for you, but I have a peace inside, because you suffer no longer. If I could take those 60 seconds back I would. I wish I could have stopped that dog from biting you. Then came the worst part, you suffered so terribly for three days. As you got worse, my heart broke both for know what I was thinking, and you were always there for me when I needed you. You could always make me laugh when I was down! Oh, I have so many mermories in the short time you were with me! I REALLY LOVE YOU MINKA! ! !

left for the Bridge on August, 1985
To my best friend, the one who stood by me, protected me, and was always like a sister to me. I miss you so much, Miki. Wish I could've said goodbye, but I was never given the chance. This is my chance. You were the best, no matter what anyone else said. Goodbye, my dear friend. I'll see you in the afterlife! I love you!!

October 31, 1992 - December 18, 1995
Midnight was a very wonderful cat, who kept me company for many years, and through many tears... He was a wonderful guy and will be missed mightily..
Happy to meet,
Sorry to part,
Wonderful to meet again.
Until we meet again midnight Christine

Mini and Minky
September 6, 1994 - May 15, 1996
Our little babys were the sweetest most adorable ferrets, mini with his pink eyes and minky with his chocolate fur were the cutest pair. They caught Canine Distemper and to this day I will never know how. I know that I miss them along with all their Quirks.

December 22, 1992 - December 26, 1996
Missy was the first ferret we had and we never realized what a wonderful pet they made. I miss her in the mornings when she sit up and beg for a piece of potatoe, it had to be pealed! We miss her when we ate jelly donuts. We miss her when we get out of the shower and she would always lick the water from your toes, not biting them. But, most of all I miss her in the evenings when she would lay in my lap and just enjoy the peace and quite while petting her. When she passed away she laid in my arms and I know she knew she wasn't alone when she took her last breath. We love and miss her very much. Thank you for a wonderful four years. Penny & Dick

Frisky Fritz Moritz
April 5, 1982 - January 25, 1997
My little Fritters, how we miss you already! Life was such fun for you. Chasing milk cartons in the yard and playing with your froggy and telling us what was on top of the house (the roof). You were such a sweet dog, we will always love you. See you at the Bridge, Fritz.

passed on to the Bridge on January 22, 1997
Mikey, my cute little man. You brought love and happiness into my life and into my heart. You were the best little ferret, so silly and playful. Our 3 years together seemed so short. I know that you are having fun at the Rainbow Bridge stealing all the socks that you can find. I will alway miss you, but your loving memory will forever live in my heart. Love always, Mom.

Muffin(long haired dachsund)
February 19, 1978 - January 24, 1992
I miss your love and kisses. You were always near me. You always gave me comfort. I miss you very much. Til we meet again.....



December 16, 1995 - September 24, 1996
Nymph was a female silver-mitt ferret. She died of a liver or spleen disease. She had a sister named Daphne (dark sable) and was dearly missed by Daphne and me. She was still a baby and hadn't experienced much life, yet. In their hammock Nymph would always sleep on top of Daphne as if keeping watch. She loved people and probably misses me, too. (I am a 13 yr. old boy) I replaced her with a light sable named Zoe (zo' ee)I will miss Nymph forever.

Chamois Neeley
August 19, 1991 - October 4, 1996
Chamois Sue...a little independent cuss of a Cocker Spaniel:
Thank you for your unconditional love and all the wonderful days we spent together. You enriched our lives in a very special way. We miss you so much.
See you at the Bridge. Love, Mom and Mr. Joe

January 15, 1995 - August 2, 1996
My baby Nick struggled.I loved him more than anything.My poor poor kitty I guess he went to a better place.A place where he would no longer be sick.He was one of the of the first to have feline lukimea. Please every body get your cat vaccinated before it is to late.Nick died in my arms.But I do not know why it had to be Nick. All I can remember is screaming no as I burst into tears.I didn't eat for days.But it will never be the same without my little Nick. -A.C


July, 1996 - October, 1996
Ollie, you are truly missed. We had very little time together and I had wished that could have gotten to know each other better. Everyone was so concerned for you. You were on everybody's mind for days. I am sorry that you were one of the few percent to contract distemper even though you were updated on all of you shots. You are a special little guy. I had dreams of you, Brian had dreams of you, before you were even born. I decided to get you that day because I wanted out dreams to come true, whic You got so sick so soon after that. I truly believe that I had tried everything with you, even Dr. Kendrick had tried everything. We knew that you were too sick to get better. I hope you aren't mad with my decision. I think you wanted it that way. In fact the next day, I saw a bi-colored rainbow. One side a cinnamon color, and the other being a white color for Ivy. And after a minute ir so, it turned into a beautiful rainbow. I knew you two had met each other there, otherwise I wouldn't have see

September 28, 1996 - November 18, 1996
Our little bundle of prickles, he was with us for a short time
he will be missed.

March 25, 1996 - November 15, 1996
Although you were on this earth just a short while, you brought love to us that will last a lifetime.
We miss you. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Granpa, & Milo

K.C. Oberlin
June 19, 1980 - November 26, 1996
K.C.----- you were, are, and always will be my bestest, best friend. I miss you sooooooo much! I will never forget you. I can't wait till we meet again! I hope that you and Mimi are taking good care of each other. you were the best pet, cat, and friend that anyone could have. Hope to see you soon. WITH LOTS OF LOVE------ JESSI


July 4, 1991 - September 6, 1995
Pandora was the greatest little critter anyone could ever wish for. She
hopped, danced, and played with great abandon. She was loving, and gave
lots of kisses. When we brought her home, Medusa showed her the ropes
and all the fun stuff to get into. When she wanted to play, she would lay
on her back as innocent as could be and wave her paws in the air. Her
favorite playmate, Medusa, would be more than happy to take up the
invitation! When we brought her home to Cleopatra and Ceasar, she didn't
mind one bit. Pandora gave me many fond and happy memories. She could
make me laugh until I felt like my sides would bust. And she could make
me mad at her for knocking for my Slurpee, which she could never get
enough of those tasty treats! I could never stay mad at her long though.
No matter how many more critters I get, I'll never forget my Pandora. She
made us all so happy. We will see her again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

June 10, 1995 - October 3, 1995

Sammy Poore
October 1994-December 1994
In your short life, you touched our hearts very deeply, Sammy.

Fatty Poore

Romeo Pruitt
"You will always be a special memory and will never be forgotten."

Sir Peanut
Spring, 1993 - December 30, 1995
"He was full of love and kisses for everyone each and every day...
kisses and a devilish glint in his ruby-red eyes when he thought he
had pulled a ferret prank over on you...and did he dance!"

Christy Parsley-Ezzell
March 15, 1981 - February 17, 1996
"Christy loved to be loved, and she loved to be hugged."

1976 - 1994
"And not let it be forgot
That once there was a spot,
For one fleeting, shining moment
That was known as Camelot."

In Memoriam
Miss Amber Paisley
March 1989 -- March 28, 1996

May, 1986 - December 29, 1995
"He is gone where all good cats go when their life's work is done.
Puff, with his golden eyes.
I'll miss the softness of his fur and his purring on my lap.
He will never be forgotten, for he was truly my favorite cat."

1991 - September 17, 1996
Pepper was one of my very best friends. I will miss her sleeping in my lap while I'm driving.

left for the Bridge on November 1, 1996
Pinkie came into our lives two years ago. I was working at the PetsMart in Amarillo, Texas and someone had evidentally gotten tired of taking care of the most beautifully sweet little white rat. They dumped her off in the parking lot and left her. I brought her home and my two daughters fell in love... She died of cancer on Nov.1,1996. We have no idea how old she was, it doesn't matter. She made our lives brighter.
We love you, Pinkie...

September 1, 1991 - May 10, 1996
Pup, You will always have a piece of my heart!

Pookie Bear
Early Spring, 1992 - December 12, 1996
You were the peacemaker, always gentle and happy. You crossed the Rainbow Bridge as you lay quietly in my arms.
My sweet Bear, we will all miss you greatly.
-Mrs. Duck, Mambo, Princess Pinky, Roxanne, Molly, Miss Grace, Gabriel and Kichie

Passed over to rainbow bridge September, 1996
I loved you little kitten. I did not know you well. But I did know you loved tuna and milk, and trying to catch litlle birds. Wich you weren't able to do because of your white coat. you made us all happy. WE miss you.
With lots of love and afection,
Alison, mom, Meghan, Justin, and Melissa
P.S. I know you and Jellico didn't get along well, but please be nice to her for me.

January 8, 1996 - ?
Pepsi was a Silver-mitt ferret, and I loved him very much. To me he was more than a ferret, he was my baby. I only had him for six months before on July 12 1996 I lost him. He was lost on Elk Island in Manitoba Canada while on a picnic. For months I refused to belive he was dead. But the snow falls and I realize I will never see my beloved friend again. Good-bye Pepsi and sorry. Love Anna.

Peter Pan
July, 1996 - January 3, 1997
Peter Pan was a very loved Ferret. Even though I was only able to enjoy his company for six short months I will miss him dearly forever. He is not the first pet I've had to die and he won't be the last, but I will always remember him and hope one day to see him again. We Love you Peter!
Jeff & Maggie


Quincy 1993 - 1995


Nicky and JerBear Rein
"You two kids filled my days with love and inspiration."

Buffie Rittner
died February 4, 1996
"In loving memory of the best and truest friend I ever had. I sincerely
thank God for giving us the time we had together. Buffie, you can never
be replaced. We understood one another and loved one another to the
utmost. I'll be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge."

Isabo Ryerson
passed to the Bridge in January, 1996
"We'll meet you at the Bridge, little angel."

December 23, 1995 - September 12, 1996
For Robin, who opened my eyes to a world that I had never before experienced. His trust and love, from the moment I first took a tiny ferret kit into my hands to the moment I felt his breathing grow shallow in a badly broken body have overwhelmed me with the power of his presence in my life. There could never have been enough time to say all he deserved to hear...

Reno D. Ferret
November 1, 1988 - November 26, 1996
Reno D. Ferret, a lifelong resident of the Owens Valley and trusted companion of Chuck Thistlethwaite died today at the age of eight years. Known for his gentle and affectionate nature, Reno will be remembered as a good and faithful pet. He was a cancer survivor for the past four years and finally succumbed to the disease.
Due to the arcane laws of the State of California, Reno spent his entire life in hiding. One of his greatest pleasures was to be able to play outside on the front lawn. California is the only state in the U.S., indeed vNorth America, where the possession of domestic ferret is a crime. In lieu of condolences, his family requests you take a moment to call your State Senator and Assemblyperson and request their support for the legalization of domestic ferrets as pets in California.

September, 1990 - May, 1993
You were the sweetest little dog I knew, even if you did
think you were a cat. Have fun sleeping in the windows.
I miss you.

George Roman
March 12, 1989 - May 12, 1996
George was such a wonderful ferret and we miss him so much. He loved to play with Mom and chase her from room to room and then give her lots of kisses. We miss his cute little face and the way he used to cuddle up and take a nap on our laps after a long day of play. We miss you so much Georgie and love you tons!

Rudy Roman
October 10, 1992 - December 18, 1996
Rudy was our beloved pet ferret who passed very unexpectedly only 8 months after his brother George passed. We miss watching him wrestle with his brother, attack his squeaky toys, dance, curl up for naps in unexpected places and get into mischief. We love you Rudy and will never forget you.

January, 1967 - November, 1986
You were an inspiration to all who came in contact with you. You were our "official greeter" and welcomed hundreds of people through the doors of our hospital. The plaque dedicating it to you is read by everyone who comes in. I hope you know how much I loved you.


January 12, 1994 - February 13, 1996
A keen nose - A loving kiss
A spiteful death - The friend we miss

Pinata Alar Saleil
May 1985 - January 2nd, 1990

IGE's Sir Samuel
April, 1982 to July, 1994
"I'll miss you always."

Spinolio the Cat

Ziggy Surrett
November, 1989 - November, 1995

Heidi Sabatini
October, 1981 - July, 1991
You brought us joy and laughter, and gave us the ability
to pass that love on to those who have come after you.
To the best little dog in the world...

George Shaw
"He was the first cat I ever owned, and changed the whole course of my life.
He got me through some of the most difficult times I ever had to face,
and always gave me his love unconditionally."

Sneaky Pete
March, 1994 - September 21, 1995

September 12, 1994 - November 20, 1996
"My heart has joined The Thousand,
My friend has stopped running today"
Watership Down

Skeeter Nelson Steeves
August 13, 1978 - August 3, 1996

March, 1993 - July 3, 1996
She loved all she came into contact with.

Ebony Sharpe
April 17, 1979 - September 23, 1994
Ebony, you were my "bug", and always will be. I wait for the day to meet you
on that beautiful Rainbow Bridge, so that we may be together once again. You
will forever be in my heart and soul. You are deeply missed by all who had
the pleasure of knowing you. You touched many lives in your days here on
this earth.

1971 - May 9, 1994
Dear sweet Soab, you were a really unintelligent cat, but it was because there was so much love in you, there was no room for anything else. Dad named you Soab, (acronym for Son of a Bit**) because we surprised him by getting you while he was on a business trip. But you quickly won all of our hearts. Soab, you raised me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and you came very close to seeing me through college as well. I just wish there was a way to hold you one last time, even for a few minutes, just to say goodbye. Soab, I don't know if you can hear me or read this now where you are, but I pray that I turned out all right and that you are not disappointed in me.
Rest in peace, Fleabag, and know that when I pass on, I will be looking for you. We miss you so terribly much.
Your devoted human, Bryan

April 20, 1989 - May 29, 1995
Thank you for being my friend when times were bad. You are the funniest ferret I have ever had, and you always cheered me up.
Love Daddy.

February 26, 1993 - May 16, 1996
Our first Ferret, and the absolute BEST FERRET! She thought she was a cat, loved to kiss and cuddle...we miss her very much!

left for the Bridge in September, 1996
Spirit was rescued from an abusive life. He came into my life skinny, scared and starved for love. After a trying battle with a terminal illness "Spirit" truly is with the other spirits. Your picture is on my wall and your love is forever with me.

1992 - November 30, 1996
My sweet kitty, so suddenly taken from me at a young age. Although our time together was short, I enjoyed every minute of her company. She was a lovely blue cream calico long hair, full of spirit and attitude. She was a true character, and her antics always made me smile. She will always have a place in my heart.

April 16, 1974 - May 17, 1996
Sam was the best pet!! even though she was put to sleep. i loved her! she was attacked by bone cancer in her face. i will keep her in my heart. sam was one of the oldest cats i've ever known! 22 human years on earth is alot. and i can't wait to meet her and sara over the bridge. I love you sam! and remember cats can't fly!! i'll see you soon!!!! Tricia

December 18, 1990 - November 25, 1996
Sara was the best thing that ever happened to me. she would climb on my shoulders and let me walk her around. she would stare at me with thoes big black eyes, when she wanted to come out. now i look into her cage and there is no one staring back at me. i wish i could say my good-byes!! i love you sara!! and don't you ever forget that!!! See you at the rainbow bridge!!

Sackonickleman (Sable Ferret)
January 15, 1990 - November 7, 1996

August, 1994 - December 18, 1995

August, 1996 - December 10, 1996

November, 1985 - August 18, 1994
You were in my life from the time you were just a handful, you grew to be one of the best dog a person could ever hope to have. It was the hardest day of my life when I had to have you put to sleep, but I couldn't stand to see you suffer any longer. I held you in my arms and waited for death to take you, be brave for I will join you in time.

April 1, 1989 - March 4, 1996
My best friend, you will always be in my heart. Mom

passed on to the Bridge in July, 1994
To a loving ferret who went so suddenly in such a tragic way. We miss you dearly.

October 11, 1995 - December 27, 1996
To a loving ferret whose life was taken by cancer. At least now there will be no more suffering. Will always be in our hearts and in our lives.

June, 1983 - April, 1988
My first ferret, whose patience with my poking, prodding and learning seemed to be inexhaustible. A lot of people never understood the joke of an albino ferret being named Spot, but you always seemed to. Life was a playground to you, and I hope I learned that from you.

May, 1991 - June 13, 1996
Saturn was my favorite cat of all time. I live on a ranch and have had as many as 60 felines at one time. Saturn was a Manx with yellow base coat and orange stripes in a circular pattern across each side. At the time of his death, he weighed nearly 20 lbs. and was a good 12" tall. He traveled with me everywhere in the five years that he was alive, always sitting on the back of my seat while I drove. He loved me most of all but he was best friends with my ferret, Vada (now also deceased); my rat terr l accident) occured in Louisville, KY. I had been out of town until 1:00 a.m., came home and let him out as I sometimes did, thinking he was safer at night from traffic. At 5 a.m., I went out to hear him yelling. I picked him up and delivered him to an emergency pet trauma center where they concluded that he had a crushed pelvis and broken back. These injuries separately could have healed so that he would live but together they would not. I left him there under pain killers for a while to see if he would regain feeling in his hind l t the time. Rags tryed to wake him until I put up the cross.

passed on to the Bridge on February 1, 1997
My little one you are gone. Never again will I laugh with glee at your dance of joy. You brightened my life with your little pink eyes. I will never get to feel your little pink toung on my cheek. You got so sick so quick, and there was nothing I could do but try and feed you. Then they told me that your little kindeys had failed, and that you were in pain, and nothing could be done. I decided to have you set free to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so little baby. I will love your furry little self always. Dance with joy over the Rainbow. I love you baby!

1990 - December 5, 1997

January, 1994 - January 16, 1997
Sadie was my first. She taught me alot, especially how to laugh again.She gave me many,many wonderfull fun filled times. Her favorite place to sleep was inside a dresser, she found a way into it even when it was closed. She loved to go outside and play in the grass or dig in the dirt and also climb and slide down the sand hill. Her favorite toys were squeaky dog toys and her favorite treat was to be given a handfull of the dogs food. I don't think she knew she was a Ferret, I think she thought she was on

Spice Ferret Wise
passed on to the Bridge on January 16, 1997
You left behind a gentle place then one you'd known before. You leave behind a mom and dad and sister who adores. Rest gentle boy your race is won, and play among the clouds.


March, 1993 - June 6, 1996
Tasha, first and most beloved ferret of the Scherschel family.
You were our one and only precious "Little Bug". There will
never be another like you. Thank you for all the wonderful
memories and the love you so freely gave.

*Char-Dons Mischief Maker*
4-29-85 to 10-18-95
"Tilted in Agility and loved the sport."

Marti Tickle
February 1993 - September, 1995
"Marti was a beautiful black Lab mix with the most expressive brown eyes you
have ever seen. She loved everyone, especially children. Unfortunately,
her last days were full of suffering. As much as I miss her, I know that
she is not suffering any more."

Zeba Taker
1975 - November 28, 1995
"There isn't a day I don't think of her and miss her."

Chester Tonkinson
March, 1990 - June 11, 1996
"You were taken away from us so suddenly...
We will always miss you and love you forever."
Michelle, Michael, & Wolfgang

Smokey Tripp
passed on to the Bridge on June 24th, 1996
Smokey will be missed by his family. He was adopted
from a shelter in 1977. I hope he has a nice
comfortable rocking chair to sleep in and plenty of
catnip toys to play with.
So long buddy.

June 23, 1994 - August 22, 1996
Tabitha was my cat, when we first got her at the shelter, she jumped right out of the cage and into my arms, she was allways playful, and lovable. Even when she did something bad, she always looked cute, conning her way out of trouble. But then a disease that had been dormant for 2 yrs. just hit, she stopped eating and drinking, we did our best to help her, we forced food and water down her mouth, but she still wouldn't eat or drink.
I loved that cat so much, I miss her.

June 2, 1992 - September 15, 1996
Tara was a one of a kind hooded rat,and companion,she loved to play, and curl up inside my shirt as I watched T.V.or spoke with friends. As she slept in her cage she would cuddle up to her friend Justin,a soft toy mouse,knowing it would be waiting for her at the end of the day. She was a constant companion for me since she was 9 wks.old and was a loving friend to the children of our neighborhood and she loved to climb on their shoulders and lick their ears. She was diagnosed with cancer,and passed away in her sleep sometime during the night a week later. She will be very much missed by everyone.

December 15, 1994 - October 19, 1996
Taz we miss you, Zoey, Tipper, Merlyn,and BJ have all been looking for you tonight. They know something is wrong. I wish you were here Taz, we all loved you soooooo much. Mom, Dad, Kim, Cheryls and your best friends.

Tasha the Great
March 25, 1994 - September 25, 1996
She's my BESTEST Buddy! She made me happy when I was sad, and taught me how to love. I will always miss my beloved Tasha Ferret. Things don't seem as great as they were when she was here. I hope she has a great big bowl of Lucky Charms to steal the marshmellows from. I love you Tasha, and miss you terribly. Please tell Jesus I said Hi for me.

Scarlett O'Hara Taylor
September 15, 1976 - July 13, 1989
Scarlett, I miss you so much and am looking forward to the
day we can walk across Rainbow Bridge together.

December 17, 1995 - April 1, 1996
Tickie was taken away from us way too soon. He was the smartest ferret I have ever seen, he figured out the cupboards within a couple weeks. I will always remember his bright eyes and his sounds he made when he was so happy playing with his mommy and daddy. We will think of him everyday and hope he is in a better place, having fun with his brother, Tahvee.

Tahvee (brother of Tickie)
December 17, 1995 - July 22, 1996
Tahvee was our special baby boy. He was such a lover baby and just loved to cuddle with his mommy. He brought quite joy to our lives, and he is missed deeply. We think of him everyday, and will forever remember our baby boy.

July 5, 1993 - November 15, 1996
Toby was my mother-in-law's dog that we took care of most of the time. He was our dog, Friday's "mate" and the father of our puppy, Toby's Shadow. He was hyper and a big pain, but he was loved by all of us. His son started to get the characteristics of Toby right after he died. So we feel he is still with us in a BIG way. WE MISS YOU TOBY!!

April 1, 1996 - April 23, 1996
... he always liked that sheet.

October, 1992 - December 19, 1996
My greatest comfort at this time comes in knowing that you are healthy again and restored to the fun-loving terrier I loved so dearly. You will be in my heart always, dear friend. Love Monica

March 30, 1986 - August 8, 1996

January, 1996 - October 5, 1996
To a loving ferret whome we miss very much. Can't believe you were taken in such a cruel way. At least you knew you were loved and still are. Till we meet again. Sweatheart.


May 17, 1995 - November 7, 1996
A poem of love for my lost Uwe:
I will miss you Uwe and all that you stood for in my life. Don't worry though; you will be with your friends here at the rainbow bridge, and will have a good time until I meet you there as well many years from now. Please understand that I will manage without you and will silently pray for you every day. You died from Inbred Degenerative anemia. I am very sorry that you were bred like this and feel bad for others like you as well. Take care of yourself remember all of the good times that we have had together over the past few months. We will miss you presence, and think of you all the time. Goodbye for now, Uwe, it has been a lot of fun.
Sincerly, Max, dad, mom, Sabrina, and friends that loved you as well. :-)


Buffy Vatza
April 16, 1982 - March 16, 1996
"She loved to chew on our hair and paly in the snow."

Tigress Vance
May 30, 1996 - August 22, 1996


MAY 1985 - JULY 1995
"You were in our lives for so long. You had a very hard struggle with
diabetes that you finally lost. We all miss you terribly. Although, we
have gotten another dog, she will never take your place. We will never forget you!"

Willie (the Cat)
1989 - July 12, 1991

Wylie the Wonder Weasel
"Pooh, promise you'll never forget me;
Not even when you're hundred...A.A. Milne"

Salena Watson
June 9, 1991 - March 30, 1996
"She was a Silver Mitt Sprite, and was my first ferret.
She was a great little Pet Kid."
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November 24, 1989 - April 17, 1996

LuLu Willer
October, 1987 - October 30, 1995
You were the best ferret and, Lu, I miss you with all my heart.

Minnie Wimpee
left for the Bridge in 1995
You helped raise me and were a great summertime friend. I'm glad you waited until someone was around and could get one last cookie. You loved them so much. We all miss you and the dogs are without a leader. Love you!
Mom, Dad, Curtis, Alicia, Shanna, Woofer, Mima and Sid

left for the Bridge on November 27, 1996
I didn't know you well because I didn't own you. I could only sponsor you through a ferret shelter. But I know that I and a lot of wonderful people cared a lot for you and you were a life companion for one very special little ferret, Brownie. We will all miss you very much. I wish we could have helped you more.
Love, Shanna, your shelter friends, and Brownie

July, 1987 - December 1, 1996
Batters, I'll always love you. Please wait for me by the bridge.

passed on to the Bridge in November, 1995
To a loving ferret whom we will not forget. You were close in all our hearts because you were so special. Though you counld'nt see you always seem to find a place in our hearts. Until we meet again.


MY first cat, named so because your orange color reminded me of rich egg yolks. You were such a sweet cat. I loved the way you would sleep with your eyes wide open. Rest well, Yolkie. Keep all our other babies company. Don't let Ali pick on you, she loves to chase kitties, but she won't hurt you. Catch a birdie for me (but don't hurt it!!)


May 25, 1989 - January, 1996

June 1, 1996 - December 19, 1996
Zowie was bouncy, trouncy, full of fun, fun ,fun. The most wonderful thing about zowie was she's the only one. Love "the zoo"