July , 1998 to February 18, 1999

Ariel, I would give anything to redo February 18 over again I am so sorry. We miss you terribly - I miss everything about you especially your kisses and even you biting my toes to get my attention. All you wanted in life was raisons, belly rubs and tons of fun Mandy, Wally, Tru, Maxwell, and especially Shelby miss you. You will always be in our hearts and memories


Athos, Black-Silver
March 21, 1984 to July 04, 1998

I don't know how to say good bye, But you will be in my heart forever. Thank you for all the happy times. Attila


Angel Puppy Dear
December 28, 1988 to May 7, 1998

Happy little puppy! Beautiful Blonde Baby!


October , 1995 to February 08, 1999



Ant Edna
November ?, 1998 to January 28, 1999

My dearest Ant Edna. I will miss you always. Your unbelievable ability to carry objects 100 times your weight is an inspiration to me, especially when I'm at the gym. The rest of your colony will surely miss you too. May you rest in peace in the big mound in the sky in God's kingdom.


Alison Alice Happy Universe
January 3, 1988 to January 20, 1999

Once you were a star
Because you were so close to me
Now you are a star
Beacause you shine so far at me
Joke & Liesbeth Brussen Rotterdam, The Netherlands


May 15, 1996 to July 20, 1997

He was the sweetest ferret in the world .. i hope he is happy where he is now and we will meet up with him someday. He was our first of many fuzzies and we wouldn't have any if it weren't for him.. we love you azrael :) mommy daddy and ricochet and the 6 other brothers and sisters you don't know ..


October 12, 1985 to July 24, 1994

In loving memory of my friend, Apollo Anthony Hunt. Apollo, you were a loving and devoted friend. When you were born, I knew you were the one I wanted to keep. After your brother and sisters had found new homes, you stayed to keep your mom, Pepper, company. I always laughed at the way she scolded you when you got into doggy trouble, just like a mother would. Even though you were an adult when your mom died, you grieved just like a child. So did I. I remember breaking down and crying at work when the Vet called to give me the bad news (I did the same thing with Pepper). You had cancer with only a couple of weeks maximum to live. I lost you to the same thing that took your mother's life. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to have you put to sleep, but it was also the best. I saw how you labored to breathe, and I knew it was time. Have fun, dear Apollo, at Rainbow Bridge. One day I will join you, and your mom, Pepper. Until then, be a good boy for mom. Love, Toni


Abigail Kate Peaches
August 15, 1991 to February 15, 1993

Abby - forever in our hearts. We miss you more than words can express. Our love for you still causes heartache.


February 10, 1997 to September 10, 1998

In a very short time, Arthur taught me what it means to be a member of the



July 17, 1997 to August 6, 1998

Benny, I love you so much! I miss you too! You were the most perfect thing in my life. I'll have new ferrets, but you'll never be replaced in my heart. You were my first and most special and I will never forget you. I wish you hadn't had pain and I wish you were still here. I know one day we'll meet again. With Love, Katie


, to September 07, 1997


November , 1996 to February 15, 1999

You will always be remembered as our spark plug, full of life and energy. You showed us much in your short two years that we will carry on to your future brothers. We have a huge hole in our hearts that will never heal. You always made the bes t of everything you did...even when getting into trouble. There will never be another ferret like you and we can never replace you. From the way you played to the way you slept, you always had your own style that showed your personality. You're our Big Be ar,we will miss you for the rest of our lives. We love you...CJBCBB


Bandit Phipps
May 10, 1992 to February 5, 1999

In loving memory of my sweet little grandferret, Bandit aka Bandy Man. May you know that your mommy did all she could to help you and may you be dancing and dooking around the raisin trees at the Bridge. We all love you little Bandy Man and y ou will stay in our hearts forever.


June 16, 1995 to January 29, 1999

Beef We all miss you so much.We found out you had cancer and had to stop your suffering a week later it was very hard to have to do.No more ferret games for now but remember one day we will play again at the Rainbow Bridge. ---We love you Beef.--- Chris, Angela (and your friends)Mokie, Raistlin and Bandit. And remember keep your nose wet and cold.@-,-'---


Bandiboo Snyder
Oct, 31 1995 to Oct, 30 1998

Bandiboo, Mommy and Daddy, Will meet you at the RAINBOW Bridge.


Bubba Clark
August 14, 1992 to May 08, 1998

My Sweet Booger Butt: I still keep my cheeries for you from my limeaides!!! I always knew you had a hudge heart! We Miss your Bubba Boy, and so does Miss Tickles!!! Love your Family


Bailey, a beautiful blue and white Parakeet
, 1989 to January 15, 1999

Fly Free, Bailey! Cindy is with you as you soar! She has been waiting for you, so you will never be alone.I wait for the day when you sit on my shoulder once more, until then Bailey bird, you will always be in my heart.


December 15, 1983 to September 8, 1998

You really are on a big adventure now. I hope you have found a favorite chair. We miss you. Cleo is with you now, play nice!!. See you in the future, we love you Bogie.


Babs Kline
June 21, 1993 to December 11, 1998

Babs, the big ferret with the beautiful coat and boundless energy--you and your sister Sallie (the ferret with the best mask in the world) are greatly missed.


Baby Jake
January 1, 1990 to November 2, 1996

The apple of my eye.


August 26, 1992 to July 1, 1996

Butterscotch, You are so precious to me. If only we could have helped you. I know it was best to put you to sleep and you are now playing with Orry. I love you so much it hurts


August 11, 1985 to October 10, 1998

Bailey, You were my little buddy and I loved you desperately. I wasn't ready to let you go, but you were so sick, I had no choice. You were there for me in the bad times and the good times and loved me no matter what. Hope you are happy and painfree, I miss you sitting at the window waiting for me. See you at the bridge, Love mom


February 13, 1989 to August 27, 1998


, 1966 to October , 1983

Betsy - my best friend and loyal companion. You were with me from that first day of kindergarten until I was almost finished with college. I can't believe that you have been gone 15 years already. The 17 years you were in my life will never be forgotten. How you loved to ride in the car, you swam in both oceans, as you went with us on every vacation. The pictures of you with us on each family trip are treasures. Playing tug of war and growling were you traits. Never met a uniform you liked!! T he life we shared is past, but not forgotten.


May , 1992 to June 20, 1996

Benny - my sweet boy. My heart aches when I think of you. You were the sunshine of my heart and I miss you so. I will see you at the bridge someday. I love you!


December 24, 1985 to January 22, 1994

And when she shall die,
Take her, and cut her out in tiny stars.
And she will make the face of Heaven so fine,
that all the world will be in love with night.
Sleep peacefully my sweet.We will meet again! Love You, Mom


October , 1986 to August 24, 1998

You gave us 12 wonderful years, but sadly time took you away from us. 12 years just didn't seem to be enough time with you. You are always in my thouughts and in our hearts. We miss you very much my little friend and I will see you again. So until that day comes enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge. I love you Byron. P.S. I'll bring the potato chips, you find the salsa!



Cham Lee
May 17, 1989 to May 18, 1994

To my little baby,If a animal can be a person's soul-mate you were mine.It hurt so bad to loose you,but at least we had a few years together, that is better than never having known your love.I will carry your memory with me for the rest of my life, I love you and miss you, I'll meet you at the bridge. Love always, Mommy


January 28, 1992 to September 02, 1998

You were our first encounter with a ferret and you taught us so much about how to truly love an animal. You licked tears away from our eyes when we were hurting as if you understood. You mothered each of your new brothers as if they were your own ferrets. You had a special way of showing your love to us which can never be mistaken for another. We miss you so much everyday and wish just one more time we could see your face and get those special


February 11, 1996 to February 5, 1999

Dear Cocoa You weren't with us for very long, but you'll be in our hearts and thoughts forever. Marigold is with you now, too. The only thing that makes this bearable, is knowing the 2 of you are not sick any more. I'll always love you and miss you. Our little L1011.


Charlie Clark
July 16, 1990 to May 17, 1998

Dear Charlie the night you died was the longest night in my life. My heart still breaks thinking about it. I am so thankful we had 8 wonderful years together. Yes, The Queen is truely dead not only in our hearts but in everyone's that knew you. You are amazing!! Love You Forever! Your Family


Cleo Clark
October 08, 1993 to May 12, 1998

My Sweet Baby Girl! You were always there for me both in and out of the bath! I am just glad we had the time we did together. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories!! We think of you always!! We miss you so!! Love Always and Forever your Family


October , 1968 to November , 1986

The Powers that be gave me a long time with you - there must have been a reason. Thanks for being my best friend through my childhood. I still miss you and your Mom, Sugar.


, 94 to , 97

Cooper-Thanks for the special memories! Mac, Mandi and Katie miss you! Maybe, someday, we'll meet again...on Rainbow Bridge!


, to December 22, 1998

To cavin the best begger in the world


Champion Showerses Mr. Nipper
June , 1982 to December 16, 1998

It took me a long time (16 1/2 years) to figure this little guy out. He was extremely independent but was a great student when we trained him to show. He never wanted to be alone and we respected his wishes the best we could. He was a Toy Fox Terrier, nicknamed Nipper. He gave the greatest hugs by putting his little paws on your shoulder & when you put your arms around him & hugged him, you could hear him sighing. Sometimes, we had ` to leave him alone in the house while we ran errands & he would show us his displeasure by tearing everything out of the waste paper can in the bath- room & chewing it up & stamping on it. The games he played were “Nipper” games. When you threw the ball to him, he ran off with it & refused to give it back, while you chased him all over to get it. He was put to sleep in his Daddy’s (Bob’s) arms at the age of 16 1/2 due to end stage kidney failure. Such a tough little guy. We talk about him all the time. He & Fritzie are buried outside the house beside each other & his pictures & videos are all throughout the house & in our hearts forever. You can see little Nipper at our website: http:www.epix.net/~jshowers We will see you again one day, little one, and we will be forever happy. Love, Bob & Judy Showers.


October 03, 1998 to January 09, 1999

Connie.....your life was so short. I hope we were able to fill it with happiness in the short time you were with us. Your pugged little face and wonderful attitude is and will be forever missed. I am so sorry you are gone.


, to , 1998

My sweet litle Panda Bear I received you for my birthday and had you only a short while. You had been so mistreated but still returned my love with your own. Realizing that you did not have to bite to keep from being hurt. I lost you in just under 30 minutes you got sick so fast. But I held you til the end and you kissed me goodbye.I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Love,mommy


, 1996 to December 19, 1998

My Dear Sweet Chocolate, I am really going to miss you and I am so sorry you had to leave us so soon. I did everything I could for you to keep you happy, healthy and well and I am sorry my best efforts failed. I know you will have no more pain and will spend your time playing w ith the other bunnies at the bridge. Until we meet Again, Mommy Miriam


October 11, 1997 to December 15, 1998

You'll always be my baby girl, I love you Cleo!


February 09, 1996 to April 07, 1998

My dearest Chloe, mommy misses you more than the world. No other ferret will ever take your place. You always knew when something was bothering mommy and you were there to make it all better. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You were my world. No matter what you will always be in my heart. I will never forget you. I can't wait until the day I get to see you again. Kisses to you baby girl...mommy loves you....


August 26, 1992 to October 11, 1998

Hey baby - now you are with your brother again and can play. I know how very much you missed Butterscotch. My love for you is just as strong as it was from the begining when I held the two of you in my hands. I will never forget you. You are with me forever. Love mom


Cocoa Nagel
October 1, 1985 to October 19, 1998

Hey pal,

Your time with us was much to short and you left much too soon. Atleast you were with someone who loved you very much when you left and you went with peacefully. They're was never one like you and there will never be another one like again. Take care my friend. We love you. Go lay down now. Remember:


November 9, 1992 to March 18, 1998



Chivas Regal
July 12, 1975 to December 3, 1991

Chivy was my first cat, the first of many, because he taught me that cats are loving and noble creatures Chivy loved me when I could not love myself. We had 16 wonderful years together and he is always in my heart.


February 17, 1995 to June 14, 1998

My dearest little Cozmo, I miss you so much my little piggy. I think about you every day, I will always love you and remember you. You will always be my little peanut. I promise I will see you again. Love Always and Forever, Lisa (mommy)


July 19, 1995 to July 20, 1998

Cinnomon, your in my heart forever, and I miss you. I tried my best to take care of you, but your disease was chronic and it was only a matter of time.Now your friend is going through the final stages and the pain is tearing me up. I only had your company for one year and your both going to leave so soon. I hope that your happy and healthy in heaven and Pepper, your very best friend will be joining you soon. I love you my little darling, and I will keep a place in my heart for the two ferrets that I loved best. Love Always Sheila P.S. keep playing under that rainbow bridge playing and dooking forever.


September 20, 1980 to August 14, 1997

My Callie, my love, You were a part of my life for 17 years, the best years I could ask for. Someone knew I loved Calico cats and saw to it that you had a home with me. You gave me so much pleasure and taught me so much. Cross the Rainbow Bridge little one, wait for me, I'll join you soon. I will always love you, Mama


July 24, 1991 to April 05, 1996

Chuckie was the best dog a girl could ever have.i loved him very much.he was old and sick,and he died.


April 21, 1989 to August 19, 1998

My sweet boy you were so loved and are dearly missed. You were such a gift to me always there when I needed you to hold. Loosing you took a piece of my heart, but I'll see you again in a better place,until then your spirit lives on! Till we meet again.



February 08, 1981 to June 20, 1993

This is in loving memory of my beautiful puppy Duffy. He was a family member with the Kenyon's, Doug, Carol, Dougie, and Carey of Chelmsford, MA. Will always remember his love of snow, cheese, livasnaps, greenbeans, eggs, and anything else he could get us to feed him. This great dog was a mutt through and through Llapso Apso, Cockerspaniel, and Poodle. I have never been so happy to see my mom make a cake and give someone 25 dollars for the little runt pup my best friend at the age of 6. Sorry I did not get to say goodbye We miss him terribly but know he will not suffer anymore. Love you always Duffy.


, 96 to November 19, 98

Dilby Doo Doo, We will miss you so much. You meant the world to us. We will never forget you, and everytime we think of you we smile. We now know you are having a blast playing with your favorite slipper under the rainbow bridge, and one day you will bounce your way over to us once again so we can scoop you up, give you a zerbert and pat your lil butt. We love you Dilby!!!!!!!!! *kisses from all of us*



June 01, 1997 to November 22, 1998

Little Elizabeth, also known as Izzybo, the Biff and Babycat left this earth for the Rainbow Bridge the morning of Sunday, November 22, 1998. Found by my son-in-law in early July of 1997...semi-comatose and suffering from flea bites so severe that a blood transfusion was necessary. She weighed 3.5 ounces and was the only survivor of her litter. We tube fed her and tried to restore her health and just as we thought she would pull out she was diagnosed with feline leukrmia. Shortly thereafte r also with Spinal Meningitis that crippled her hind quarters. We were advised by the doctors at the University of Florida to go ahead and put her down but her will to live was so intense that our local vet wanted to work with her as long as she didn't s uffer. Elizabeth grew to the size of a six-month old kitten and enjoyed her life as one of our family. She was never left alone and could communicate her needs to us in remarkable fashion. She would flip around like a little seal and we make sure that she was always in the middle of family activities. This little cat touched the lives of many people, from her doctors to family friends and reletives. When polyarthritis attacked her hind knees and distroyed their joints we were forced to sent her to the rainbow bridge. At her inprompto funeral she recieved flowers by messenger and cards from her doctors and friends. I will miss this little soul a great deal and will look forward to being reuntied with her when my time comes. I know that she is safe an d secure in the arms of the Father.



December , 1973 to February , 1992

Fritzie cost me the best $ 15.00 I ever spent. Spoiled rotten, You can see him & the rest of our family at: http://www.epix.net/~jshowers. He was


, 1989 to October 26, 1998

Goodbye Little Man,
We miss you deeply.
You meant so much to us and perhaps we kept you around longer than we should have; we just couldn't say goodbye. But now your pain is gone and I imagine you as that big dog you always thought you were, still sitting like a prairie dog.


Fat Cat (baby kitty) Willis
, 1988 to September 16, 1998

Fat Cat (My baby kitty), You were such a sweet little kitty and I am so glad that I was allowed to know you for the last 6 years of your life. You were certainly a trooper, moving across country...going from a California kitty to a Colorado s now kitty and finally, settling here on the East Coast. You were my constant companion even though you bit my toes, stole my food, hid my earrings and slept on my head...I hope you weren't too scared in the end...and you didn't feel too much pain. I did w hat I thought was right...and let you go without suffering... I will never forget you and I hope you had a good life with me. Tell my grandpa and Sam the Scottie hello...whenever I see the light flicker over the porch I will know that it is you saying hel lo to me... Be a good


December 15, 1995 to September 14, 1998

Friskey lived up to her name. She was never sad, always a happy and loving pup. We miss her.



January 21, 1989 to February 8, 1999

Goldie was a good dog who will be sorely missed by her mommy Sharon and her daddies Claude & Joe her sister Matisse and her cousin Milo. Til we meet again


April 15, 1971 to May 20, 1986

Ginger, part collie, part sheltie was gentle, loving and protective of both her boy and me. She kept her latch-key boy safe, happy and was his companion for 13 years. Her sweet temperment won over even the most difficult critic of dogs and s he welcomed everyone unless she felt her boy was threatened. We loved her dearly and she was never replaced. God Bless you our sweet Ginger.


August 6, 1985 to May 6, 1997

Our dearest Greta-Greta will forever be in our hearts.


Gizzy Kelto
May , 1987 to September 2, 1998

To my Gizzy love I miss you so. It's only been a short while since your passing yet it still feels like just yesterday. The pain of loosing you has become more bearable but the tears still flow. You were my best friend and the start to my love for cats and for this I thank you. You always knew just when I needed you most and comforted me a way no other has ever done. What am I without you??? Just as I sang to you while you took your last breath "I'll remember you the dreams we should have dreamed the tears I should have seen, I will always love you, I'll remember you!!!"


June , 1995 to August 18, 1998

Grunten is sorely missed by his mom, dad, brothers, and sister. We all miss your eagerness to play a game, happy-go-lucky personality, and cuddliness. You were always ready to try anything, ESPECIALLY FOOD, and were the original creator of our bed game. We miss you cuddle buddle, the undercover ferret, das grunten, by whatever and all of your many nicknames and know that you will always be special to us. We will be together again, Grunten, count on that. -love and kisses always, Mom and Dad Reddy


February 17, 1988 to September 25, 1998

Gizmo.....our sweet kitty, We will miss your loving cuddling. Your heart is strong again and you can cuddle with our beloved collie, Cody. You boys are together again, forever, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you and love you. Ashley especially. Your human and animal family, left here behind, will think of you often.


September , 1994 to September 8, 1998

This is for my special little ferret, Ginko. You weren't here long, but you filled my life with joy. You were my special little biting girl. You will be joined soon by Beavis, Butthead, Rambo, Shivers, and Marshall. I am sorry you suffered these past few days. But mommy and daddy love you very much and we will miss you.



Hai Li's Rinkles CD,TDI,TT
May 13, 1989 to February 1, 1999

On February 1st We lost our best friend. Not only were you a wonderful specimen of the breed, but a challenging competitor in obiedience. You brought smiles to young and old weather in a nursing home or a grade school.You were the best friend our family ever had. We miss you dearly and everyday is just one day closer till we meet at the Rainbow bridge but in the mean time run the meadows till we meet again... And remember we always love you. Goodbye baby... Jody


August 8, 1993 to October 28, 1996

My darling Honey, you were my first guinea pig. You taught me how lovely they are and it is thanks to you that I have 27 guineas today! Of course, none of them will take your place, but they help ease the pain. You died so suddenly, I didn't g et to say goodbye. So goodbye, Honey. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you xxxxx Mum


Houdini Shephard
April 10, 96 to July 21, 98

The sweetest long distance runner you ever met. He would keep up with us on our long walks, wrestle, and was and affectionate bundle of energy. We miss him dearly.


Holly Jane Cantley
October 30, 1996 to September 18, 1998

Holly was the most tenacious ferret we've ever seen. She was not the best climber, or the best war-dancer, but she never gave up when she attempted to do something. Whether it was another ferret's toy that she wanted, or the apple piece in the apple bread we were eating, she went after if with a fervor. She was just a baby, taken too soon. But we have wonderful memories of our beautiful little girl and after the tears subside, I am sure we will have lots of smiles and laughs remembering our silly little girl. Holly, we miss you and love you. One day we will be reunited. Until then, baby, sleep with the angels.


Honeyscckle Chimney Sweep
November 1, 1985 to September 2, 1998

Tetherball, soccor, hide n seek....the games you played wtih such joy and intensity with your human family. Now you can play them again at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you and love you.



Indo Born`
April , 94 to October 24, 98

Indo was loved by many - he had a great life. Indo adored Gizmo; Indo was a charmer He was tenderhearted and affectionate. He was brutally murdered by a coyote at dawn on a Saturday morning. He did not suffer. Indo was my friend. I will never forget my friend Indo. He will always have a place in my heart.



Jasmine Deer Dog
July 4, 1975 to April 25, 1988

Run like the wind, fly with the wind Jazz Moose Goose Juice!


Junior Garvin
July 11, 1996 to August 1, 1998

In loving memory of Junior. He was a loving wonderful little fellow. We love & miss you, but will never forget you. May you be happy & play & wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.


April 1, 1989 to February 7, 1999

You will always be remembered in our hearts. You brought us sunshine on cloudy days. You are that one special dog that changed our lives forever. You gave us love . We will miss you dearly. We'll meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. We'll love you always. Anne and David


Jessie Lynn Mann
June 15, 1985 to January 15, 1999

Jessie we will miss youand we love you very much


November 2, 1998 to December 30, 1998

Joey, you were our light and love, my Christmas puppy. Your hugs and kisses will forever be part of me. Your memory will linger forever and your presence in our house, if only for 6 days, will be forever remembered. You were our little boy and we love you and miss you. Molly and Snowy miss you too. It's just not the same without your little yips and whines to get up or down the stairs. I will be looking for you in Heaven. I love you my sweet little boy. Always know, Mommy loves you little budd y. Mom


May 26, 1991 to October 26, 1998

My sweet baby Jazz - I knew you were my girl from the moment of your birth. Your sweet tummy was so soft and how you loved to have it petted!! Your running seizures were a sight to be seen - go baby, go baby, go baby go!! And the way you yiped as if your were being killed whenever a strange object was spotted - what fond memories you have left for us. You stay with your dad, Max, and wait for us all. I am so glad that you aren't suffering anymore, but I miss you so.


Jenifer T. Juniper
March 15, 1969 to December 5, 1985

The best, most beautiful cat who ever lived. Qu'est-ce que tu fait Jeny mon amour? =^ .^=
With love from your purrson JP


May 2, 1994 to October 29,, 1998

Jasmine was an angel with fur. Although she did not live long in our world we know she is at peace with all her other friends at the Rainbow Bridge. She was loved by many and will be missed terribly. She will live in our hearts forever.


, 1991 to September 16, 1998

Jasper came into my life as yet another rescue. He had lived the last year and a half in a gunea pig cage. His little legs that should have been able to leap and play were very thin a weak from lack of use. His poor little front paws had been cut so as to remove the claws and take part of his ferrethood away.


January 28, 1995 to May 09, 1997

My beautiful little Peanut Butter...how I miss you. It still hurts to think of your beautiful kitty face, your sweetness, your friendship, even after 1-1/2 years...I think of you often and hope that your spirit is around me. Bailey and I per severe; each time I think of getting another cat, I feel guilty-you will NEVER be replaced, especially in my heart. You taught me how to love unselfishly and our time together was too short. Thank you my baby girl for giving me a better life and for mak ing me laugh and love so much. XOXOXO


, to September 23, 1998

Dear Jasper, It has not even been 48 hours and it still hurts as much if not more. You are in the prayers of many mommies of other fur children and they have tried to comfort me in my grief. I know in my heart that I did the right thing for you but it is still so h ard. You deserved to have a fuller and happier life. Every time I looked at your little clawless paws I became enraged that someone would do that to you. After a year and a half in a guinea pig cage you could barely walk. You could not play like the other ones once you came to me. You just wanted up in my lap and you were content to snuggle with your cagemate Katy-Did. We all miss you and know that you are trully free. My sister Terry can look in on you and no doubt Princess, Tiffany, Grandpa, Wiki, Shast a and Tipsy are at the bridge as well. Give them a big ferret snoozle from me. What I would not give for one more little kiss from you. Save one for me. Till we meet again, you are always in my heart. Your Mommy, Diana and the sweet 16



Kikki Clark
February 10, 1996 to April 27, 1998

My Dear Kikki Even though you were only in my care for two weeks and you came to me in pretty rough shape, you showed me how tough ferrets really are. I do hope you know how much we all loved you not only for those two weeks, but forever! Sadly Missed by you Family


, to December , 1998



March 25, 1997 to December 30, 1998

I miss you Keeshah,my beautiful sable man, and so do your friends Yeeshah and Yoshah. Everyday I look at the spot under the tree where I buried you in your favorite cuddle sack with your squeaky soccer ball, and I wonder what would have happen ed if I hadn't given you that medicine. Would you still be here climbing my legs, or spilling red kool-aid all over yourself?!? I hope that you're in a place where they have plenty of linatone, and an occasional piece of liver. Goodbye friend. Love Erica, Yeeshah, and Yoshah


June 07, 1997 to November 17, 1998

The week before Kiki died she was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma cancer in her chest which was leaking fluid into her lungs. Dr Finkler removed the fluid and said it would give her another month to live. But unfortunately within a week she becam e worse with heavy breathing and her back legs stopped functioning. I stopped her suffering and had her put to sleep. I know she is now not suffering. For all those who have lost a fuzzy remember they are in your hearts and will be there till you meet ag ain. In loving memory of Kiki From her mom, dad, Tasia and Ash (They miss your war dances)


July 4, 1994 to November 13, 1998

The First day I saw you, and looked into those beautiful brown eyes, I knew. You never got angry and your tail would wag so fiercely whenever I said your name. We laughed and called you “Kitty” because you acted like a lap cat instead of a 40-lb. dog. No matter how bad my day was, all I ever had to do was call for “Keesha Kitty” and you would come to me, tail wagging and give me a hug. Your love was unconditional and, for that, I will never forget you. Sometimes, I look at the fireplace and think I see you laying right in front, your favorite spot in our new house, but it is just wishful thinking. I know that where you are, you are no longer plagued by the seizures that took you from us. You are playing with the other dogs and chasing squirrels. I will miss the way you “talked” to me when we played. I will miss your cold nose on my arm, nudging me for attention. But, most of all, I will miss coming home at night, calling for “Keesha Kitty” and having you come running with your tail wagging so hard that at times I thought that you would throw your hips out. We love you “Keesha Kitty” and will look for you when we get there.


May 15, 1984 to November 9, 1998

KC, the little guy cat, always carried his dark grey tabby-tail straight up. He was a large cat, with big paws and a funny swaying swagger in his walk. I let hm go in peace when the doctor operated for kidney stones but found that most of KC 's bladder had been eaten away by cancer. KC was sweet-natured to the very end. He was my lap kitty, the alarm cat who insisted that I get out of the bed and serve breakfast. He is survived by Plush and Spice cats and this very sad human. I wish he coul d be waiting for me on the window sill when I come home from work.KC came from the Orphan Cat home in South Bend, IN. He traveled with me and the two girl cats to Baltimore and then to FLorence. The very best KC story is this: The first time I put out the figures for the Christmas Nativityscene, in the week before Christmas, KC kept knocking over Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, animals and all three Kings. When I put the Babe in on Christmas Eve, KC walked over to the new figure, sniffed it and sat dow n. He never knocked over any of the figures again. That was in 1985.


June , 1983 to March , 1995

I miss you Kins, my big furry tabby. I miss seeing you sit propped up in the corner like you used to. I miss giving you your catnip and watching you space. I'm sorry cancer took you before your time was up. I hope you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge.


Katie Evers
October 13, 1993 to March 14, 1998

You were always the perfect little lady, but still a


January 27, 1994 to October 24, 1998

Knuckles....you will be greatly missed. Already the alley stands so quiet. The cats are looking for you, they can't understand where you've gone. I'm glad they can't feel the sorrow....I hope they just have happy memories. You've let me a ton in your short dog life...but forever you will live in my heart. I'll see you when my time comes, my buddy, and together we can sit and see who needs to be barked at. I love you Knuckles!


July 4, 1998 to August 11, 1998

You will always be my little sweetie pea. I miss you so much but I know that you and Neiko are in a better place. All of us miss you... Love Mommie, Mocha, Snickers, Cappie, Theodore, Peanut, Buster aka Buzz, Bailey, Sidney, and Boo the Cat


Kea Foss
March 07, 1991 to February 24, 1998

To my sweet little babie to whom I miss and think about every day. You were my first Ferret fuzzy and my first love and well always remain so. Love your mommy.


July , 96 to April , 98

Kita, You were such a sweet ferret that came into our lives for such a short time. We rescued you too late after you had to suffer such abuse. We are so sad and sorry that there was nothing more that Daddy and Mommy could do for you. But you are with our other little fuzzies, Franklin and Dot. Petie, Nel, Norman and Elvira all miss you. Love, Daddy and Mommy Gianonatti


January 01, 1994 to August 05, 1997

kali is a cat a black cat always come to my house although kali is my neighbour's cat always waiting for me whenever i come back from school kali would greet me with a



April 27, 1998 to October 31, 1998

Loki was the sweetest little ferret anyone ever knew.
He suffered the last four months of his life,
by not being able to play with his brothers and sisters.

You are missed so much, but one day we will meet at the Rainbow Bridge and we will never be separated again.



November 01, 1992 to August 20, 1998

You may only have been an iguana, but you were much, much more to us. You were also a dear friend. You will be greatly missed.


, to May 14, 1998

My baby Louise, I miss you so much. I would give anything to see you dance and play again. I wish I could have saved you. At least you are in a better place. I can't wait to see you again. Thelma misses you too.


February 18, 1991 to July 16, 1998

Lloyd - the sweetest purr - so loud and enthusiastic that you drooled!! How I miss you and your drool!! What caused you to go before your time, I will never know, but I miss you every day. Wait for me with Benny at the Rainbow! I love you!!


January 22, 1994 to September 25, 1998

The short time we spent together made me a better person. You were the cutest, most affectionate"Mile of Cat" ever created, and I will miss you dearly, as will your buddy Gunther. We'll meet again at the Bridge, my friend.
Always meowy
Tail waving to and fro
Innocent predator
The quintessential Cat
Best friend, we'll miss you
I am with you always



March 01, 1995 to January 18, 1999

God needed a little white friend to love so he broke my heart and took my boy home. I love you Marshmallow. Momma and your sisters.


November 15, 1993 to February 8, 1999

My beautiful Missy Ferret, stealer of shoes and remote controls, crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge today, February 8, 1999, after a long, brave struggle with lymphatic cancer. She died in my arms, while many tears were shed. She is survived by her brother and cage-mate, Merlyn, who will miss her sweet little face and warm cuddly body when it's time for goodnight kisses. She is also survived by her three cat-friends, Elway, Tuxedo, and Mo, and by her humans, Lannette and Loga n Robinson. Go home to the Goddess, brave girl. Romp in the sunshine with your other ferret friends. Don't worry about Merlyn, sweetie. I'll take good care of him for you. We love you, Morganna. Merry part, and merry meet again... With love and kooches... Lannette


January 1, 1998 to April 23, 1998

Dear Miles, Even though you weren't with us for very long your smile touched us all. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Quark, Odo, Kira, Worf, and Jadzia.


November 25, 1994 to February 5, 1999

Dear Little Marigold, We love and miss you so much. I know you're with Cocoa now. I guess she was lonely and needed someone familiar to play with. You were always a little toughie, and not afraid of anything and such a little fighter. I can't believe you're gone. You'll a lways be in our hearts and thoughts. I'll see you soon. I miss you, but I'm happy you're not sick anymore. I'll always remember you the way you were before you got sick. Our little toughie. The tiniest, but the mightiest. We love you, little Miss Marigold


Meggy and Pappy
March 17, 95 to October 15, 98

Meggy was one of the most beautiful ferrets in the world, she was a silver mitt, so affectionate, so loving. She was one of the most unique, and i loved her so much. One day she ran away, and never returned. I know she`s somewhere, somewhere h appy, looking down on me and my family. She`s weasal wardancing in the sky with another of our lovilies, Pappy. Pappy was a shelter ferret, we adopted him so he could live the last few months of his life happily. He had a horrible cancer all throughout hi s body. He was a happy ferret, and treated as great as you could treat a ferret. After a while, his legs went out. We noticed he was in pain, and did what was right, helped him to the Rainbow Bridge. My mum held and let him lick ferret-vite off her finger , while whispering to him,


March 15, 1994 to February 02, 1998

Sweet Mandalay, You spent such a short time with us after being rescued from your terrible plight. We loved you with all our hearts, and hope that you are waiting for us at the rainbow bridge.


Minx Cernese
October 14, 1993 to January 20, 1999

Minx was my first ferret.. i loved her .. i miss her... =(


June 01, 1972 to January 28, 1994

It's been 4 years since you went to rainbow bridge. I didn't know until recently that you would be there. You are very special to me. We had a connection I would not have believed possible, a mind meld. They say that cats don't have that with people, but you and I know better. You were my furry child and will forever hold a place in my heart and mind.


July 16, 1989 to December 27, 1998

my faithful dog will now be free i will miss you dearly and just wait for me i will be there with you again. i love you and im sorry you are gone.


September 11, 1990 to October 26, 1998

Maxi boy - though you were blind for most of your life, you played ball better than anyone. How you loved to cuddle! And you would get so excited when you got a present!! I can still see you out back, waiting to hear your favorite ball land so you could fetch it. It's been nearly 6 weeks since you left and I still miss you so much. You were the best boy there ever could be. I can still hear you singing with the jeopardy theme or Madame Butterfly. Take care of Jazzmine, your baby girl and buddy .


April 2, 1991 to November 24, 1998

Muffy was my angel baby. We first met in early 1994 when my roomate adopted him. My roomate already had 5 cats, though,and it quickly became clear Muffy wanted a mommy all his own. Bless his little heart, he chose me. For the next four years, he was my constant, unconditional companion. He slept on my face every night, purring like a jackhammer. He moved cross-country with me. He screened my boyfriends when I was single and gave me his blessing when I got married. He liked to pick up mouthfuls of crunchy cat food and deposi t them around the house for when he wanted a snack; I still find little Meow Mix bits here and there and it breaks my heart. Muffy developed intestinal cancer and crossed to the Rainbow Bridge quickly, but he will hold a special place in my heart always. Muffy, my little grey purrball, I miss you.


Miss Bleu
March 18, 1980 to October 23, 1998

Miss Bleu's mother was a cat that lived at my mothers house. Even though my mother fed her and her babies every day, she was never able to touch any of them. My nephew and I teamed up and finally caught two of the kittens, he took one and I, the other. They were around 6 weeks old, and after quite a lot of scratches and bites, I finally tamed mine. I named her Bleu because of her color, (just liked the spelling of the cheese). As she got older, you could tell that no matter where we lived, she owned it, and the rest of us were merely allowed to live with her and take care of her needs. She was a very loving cat though, whenever SHE was in the mood. She has been through many moves with me, in fact she was probably one of the few cats that could actually say that she's lived in almost every state in the south. We've lived here in the same spot now for the last 15 years, and she's had a good life. Recently, I noticed that she had gotten where she couldn't hear me when I talked to her. She had gone deaf, and not much later, she started being unable to take care of herself. We found that she had had a stroke. Everyone told me that I should have had her put to sleep, I knew I should, but I just didn't have the courage to do it. I was so afraid though that someone was going to pull up in our driveway and not knowing she was deaf, (and probably not able to see very well either), and expecting her to get out of the way, and run over her. Well, it happened today, only it was me driving the car. I didn't even see her until I got out, and I heard her crying. I ran back to her and when I would try and touch her she would scream. I didn't know what to do. But all the while she was lying there she was purring and rubbing my hand, she let out a soft little mew, and then she was gone.


Midday Sun
October 5, 85 to November 27, 97

Sunny was a wonderful person - smart, stubborn, strong, calm, gentle. He was very important to us and we miss him always. He was magnificent.


, birthdate-unknown to September 8, 1997

My Darling Mickey,It has been one year since you departed for the Rainbow Bridge. We think of you constantly and know that you are happy and well and with all the other furbabies who have gone before you to the Bridge. You were so special to us, as we've said before, you were one in a million and no one can ever take your place. We love you Mickey boy, take care, hugs and kisses to you, stay warm and hug your blankey Until then, my darling Mickey, I love you. Mommy Ellen

From:ellrae @webtv.net

Micki Kelto
June 01, 1989 to February 14, 1998

My Dear Sweet Micki, although you are no longer with me my love for you grows ever stronger. The pain had become manageable and the tears still flow every now and then but the memories will last a lifetime. Know that what I did I did for my love for you, I could not let you suffer any more because of my selfishness. Until we meet again my Angel know that I love you and I miss you.


June 01, 1993 to August 28, 1998

Here there, funny things are everywhere. You will be missed by all mostly our Son, who loved you just like his childs heart unconditionally. May you always live in our hearts.



September 29, 1993 to February 15, 1999

My little lover-ferret. You taught me what a great animal a ferret can be. I'll miss your kisses, your dooks, your wardance, your nose in my ear, your deep sighs, your pathetic look when you didn't get your way and your guilty look when you got caught. You will always have a special place in my heart and will make me smile. Have fun at the Bridge and try not to torment Barkley too much. See you when I get there, my little wombat. - Jeff


September 29, 1993 to February 15, 1999

You were my special little girl. You got me thru so many rough times. I can't believe you're gone. I will always miss you, but at least you're not in pain anymore. I will always love you. You will always be my special baby. Love, mommy


February 04, 1993 to September 28, 1998

Nellie, Your pain is over now and you have gone to a better place. I must say you we'er quite the fighter for life. We got you over several illness, but only for cancer to claim your life. We all will miss you, I fear Petuna will miss you the most. It was cute the way she mothered you even thow you were old enough to be her mother. Your one special little girl and I hope your life with me was a happy one. Good by for now. Your human friend and ferret friends.


March 16, 1993 to December 22, 1998

Nickodmus was a ferret that died after complications following a surgery to remove a walnut sized tumor. He had had two previous surgery's for tumors. He suffered from Adrenal disease and insulinoma. He loved to hide socks. He was very sweet. I miss him very much.


May 2, 1991 to July 27, 1998

It all started because my boyfriend thought that owning a ferret was cool. Now, seven years later, I realize that you were the start of a love of ferrets that I will have for years to come. I never dreamed how hard it would be to say good by to you. I love you and you will always have a special place in my heart for being the first ferret I ever owned and loved. All your ferret brothers and sisters (and most of all your mommy) miss you terribly but know your in a better place...Miss you an d love you lots Love, Mommy, Kasia, Mocha, Snickers, Cappie, Theodore, Peanut, Bailey, Sidney, and Boo the Cat.



, to November ,

Lilla Oskar. Om jag bara fick träffa dej en gång till skulle allt bli lättare. Jag hoppas du har det bra i himlen nu. Katarina


Ouffen Vahn Deupher
July 07, 1993 to November 25, 1998

Ouff we loved you so, you gave dad his best moments working the sweeper and it was a job you took so seriously many grew to love you as the rott who put your head between there legs out of love, they were afraid at first but after a moment the y new it was your way of showing your affection. Your 100 plus body was known to sway people you mean bad rott. NOT!! For the visitors who where so afraid of you, you adored all humans. We will always adore you with your giant seal eyes. Rest well baby your family misses you so. Till we meet agian ouffen. uhh! Welcome to Gods world of no pain honey we love you.


O.J. Armstrong-MacDonald
December 15, 1994 to November 13, 1998

O.J., thank you so much for adopting us. Your time with us was far too brief, but you brought such joy during our time together. You are my sweet potato, my little face, my precious one. We will see you again. Love, Kat


September 5, 1990 to September 8, 1992

I Love you Orry! You fought hard to live after your stroke. I know you are happy now



May 31, 1995 to February 18, 1999

Poe,my friend,God sent you to me to care for,and took you before I was done. My heart aches, but your memories soothe the pain. You will be missed so much and I will remember you forever.Rest in peace dear sweet friend, till we meet again.


February 02, 1979 to November 13, 1998

Porky,I still miss you and I'll always love you,you got me thru so much.See you at the bridge.neen


September 12, 1990 to January 29, 1997

It has been said that a cat is more a spirit than an animal. Peanut will be always around us.


Penny Lane Frye
June , 1989 to February 06, 1999

We found Penny at the flea market shortly after moving to NC. She was always a joy. She ran and played constantly. Dixie always let Penny win in their games. This was a sight, you see Dixie is 130 lbs and Penny was only 69 lbs. But Penny was all energy. Of course Dixie was her favorite playmate. Dixie is still searching for her friend Penny. We will all join Penny at the rainbow bridge and cross together.


?, ? to January ?, 1994



Panda Bear
October 06, 1974 to September 11, 1991

To my Panda, Till we meet again my love, thank you fir teaching me real love Love, mom


January 1, 1992 to January 15, 1999

To my sweet and loving little boy; you will be greatly missed. Everyone you met up with, fell madly in love with you. You were so loving, gentle and kind, which makes losing you even that much harder. We will all miss you very much. To my first baby boy ferret, may God bless you and keep you safe and someday we will all be together. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Lady and Rascal


PePe La Plue
March of, 96 to December 8, 98

Pepe was the first, his love was the best. His memory will be forever as so many come to see his home. He opened a heart to so many that need love and his home will take them in. Mommie will miss you.


September 1, 1990 to February 15, 1994

Hey 'Boy, your sister and I still think about you and miss you very, very much. You were my best friend and buddy.


Pepsi (Pepper) White
May ??, 1997 to December 7, 1998

My Sweet Pepsi In the fall of 1997, in a small town called Pomquet found in Canada, I bought my first pet rabbit from people in a nearby neighborhood. For what seemed like a long time, I was planning to get a black, lop eared rabbit, and name him Pepsi. I had promised myself to get a black one, with soft, short fur, and on that very day, about a week or two before my birthday, I came home with a black, mini-lop rabbit, and sure enough, I named him Pepsi. His nick name would be Pepper. When I got home, I peered in the small hole that provided air for my new pet, who was cozily sleeping in a shoebox. My dad had decided to build a pen for him, and it really hadn't taken him that long. After about three days, my father was finished Pepsi's new home, with chicken wire, wood, nails, and my dog's old doghouse which he was now too big for. I gently placed him in, and I knew it was going to be a big pleasure to take care of a wonderful rabbit, and soon it would be my tenth birthday. Day by day I would venture outside to visit and feed him, but it was obvious that he was very lonely. So, for my eleventh birthday I received a second pet rabbit, which was a female, and that meant more bunnies. But, Pepper soon got used to Dusty, and Dusty got used to Pepper, and soon she was making a nest for her small ones. We had only noticed them when they already had fur, which meant they were probably around one week old. When I saw the baby, I thought it was unusual for a rabbit to have less than six babies at a time, so I explained to my parents my suspiciousness, which did surprise them a little. A few days after our discovery, disaster struck


April 27, 1990 to December 1, 1998

Our beloved Paris has joined her dearest friend,our Greta. They will be forever with us each and every day.


Pickles aka. Norma Bates
September , 1993 to November 20, 1998

Sleep tight little one, you are once again as healthy as everyone else around you. You can have all the red liquorice and peppermints that you want now. Dad & I will miss you so much, but we know that you are happier in this beautiful, wondrous place. We will come and join you one day and we'll all romp together again. I love you baby.


March 13, 1996 to October 27, 1998

We miss you. Words can never tell the way we feel about you. You were our first. To be remembered always. Wait for us with that kooky grin of yours.................


September 18, 1988 to September 6, 1998

My beautiful kitty Pequena was hit by a car in the early morning hours of Sept 6, 1998...She is gone, but can never be forgotten or replaced. She will always hold a very special place in my heart and will be missed dearly. She was my baby.


January 12, 1993 to December 10, 1993


Pippen Poore
July 1, 1992 to August 24, 1998

While you lived here, you were the best little ferret a person could ask for. You always used your litter box. You never dug at the rugs or sofa.
I realize that it was your time to go but I want you to know that we all love you and miss you.

Take care little buddy!
Kyland, Minx, Bear, Shelly, Sassy, Rocky, Junior, Rascal, Sadie, Missy, Spunky, Lee Jay, Linda and Roger



May 1, 1998 to January 16, 1998

Q, you were the best little girl anyone could hope for. I miss finding all my socks under the couch. You were my baby. I love you. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Quark, Kira, & Odo.



Remy Murray
December 18, 1989 to January 21, 1999

I feel very lucky to have known and been able to love you, my sweet little Remy... Pets bring a special sense of love and comfort to a home and you have done your job well. You were so special to me... You will never be forgotten.. I will think of you everyday.... The memories of you are in my heart... goodbye Remy..I love you XOXOXOXOX Debbie(Mom)


March , 1986 to November , 1997

To the most loyal friend in the world. You will always remain in my heart.... Always. Saying goodbye to you that night was one of the hardest things I had to do. It seemed as if you too were saying goodbye to me somehow. I just hope wherever y ou are now you are jumping and catching frisbies like you always did until your legs could not carry you no longer. Nothing could ever replace a unique dog like you who thought of himself as a person most of the time. Your loss has left much emptiness in all of us. I will always cherish the memories and happy times with you


February 15, 1985 to January 16, 1999

Little did I know
That Saturday would be our last
Wonderful day together
And your death is such a hard blow
Your forever shall run through the land of wood
A spirit investigation every turn
You were so full of life, so full of love
I'd do anything to bring you back, if only I could.


June 23, 1991 to April 14, 1998

Ruska was the best friend I had. She was the only one that could understand me, without words. We spent hours to look each others into eyes, lying on the floor and walking on the woods. Ruska was lucky to have so many puppies, and I know that it made her happy. I wish that she'll remember our times together, and I hope that she's happy in the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you, my friend!


March 23, 1992 to December 23, 1998

My ferret Ringo was a great pet and friend. He was always at the door to greet me when I got home. I will miss him alot.


April , 1997 to June 03, 1998

Rover was adopted from animal control at six weeks. I was searching for our cat that came up missing. Its very hard to go into shelters, and not look at all the animals there. God must have wanted me to see you though. As I glanced in your cage and saw your badly infected eye I knew I had to try to save you. Although your life with us was short, you stole your way into my heart very deeply. Connie used to say I was your Fairy God Mother. I know it had to be true love from the way you used to


December 10, 1993 to July 11, 1995



Sara (Gunn)
June , 98 to January 1, 99

You were only 6 months old when you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Your life was so, so very short yet you were so full of life. You were so precious, looking up when I came home and called your name. You gave me so much to make my day sp ecial. You would attack my socks, while still on my feet. You would drag Momma's stocking under the bed or hid her house shes. You were always into something and that was so precious. You are missed so much. Bandit, Brownie and espicially Blackie misses you. Blackie has looked for you and could not find you. I can see the sadness in his eyes for he misses you, his mate, his playmate, his friend. I miss you little one. I pray you a re playing and getting into all sort of things in my Father's Home.


October 18, 1996 to November 7, 1998

Seeky was lost on the night that I went out to dinner with my friends. I shouldn't drink or I should have paid more attention when we came back to the house. I was the first one to enter the door then my friends. My friends are never pay at tention that the door should be closed all the time because I have Seeky runs free around the house. It was cold. I had to drink so I can get my mind out of my boyfriend cheating on me. The next day my exboyfriend found Seeky under the van. Seeky didn 't get hit by the van but I think because of the cold weather. And I am sure that Seeky died because of the cold because I had lost Seeky before but she came back to me in 2 days. Or I was thinking that she was sad for me that my boyfriend cheated on me . I love Seeky very much..I burried her at the Park close to my house. And I go visite her too. Everytime that I visite her I bought her baby food(chicken flavored), she loved it. Seeky, I'm so sorry what had happened and I still don't want you to get hurt. I hope that you didn't died in the pain. Seeky, I love you very much. You are very cute and you've been very very good ferret. I missed you when I go to bed because I usually have you sleep next to me on my blanket. Pung-to is fine and I'm sure he misses you too. LOVE YOU!!! from: your mommy


May ?, 1987 to February 7, 1999

HOLDS A PIECE OF OUR HEART FOREVER; Mom, Dad and sheba will see yo at the bidge-play play alot and run never again never again to feel any pain we love you son.


, to August , 1998

I would like to place this in memory of my beloved ferret


September 26, 1992 to January 29, 1999

Our faithful, trusting and loving German Shepherd who was one of the family. Your gentle nature and the funny little things you did will live on in our memories.


March , 1959 to August , 1979

Your long life began before my own. I thank you for watching over me for my first 14 years - I belive you still are. I hope you and Chipper are playing together over the Rainbow Bridge. Love Always, Lynne


Sin-Sin Bennefield
September 1, 1992 to January 27, 1999

My sweet Sin-Sin you was the first little female ferret to our family.Our family has grown to nine since then. You will be desperately missed. We now have two ferrets ( Jenny and Little Miss Priss), one dog (Tuffie), and one cat (Speedy). We love you dearly. You will always be a part of our family. Love Alan, Tina, AJ, & Kaitlyn


Spot Naccash
April 23, 1988 to January 23, 1999



Snow White
March 26, 1997 to December 29, 1998

Snow White was a beautiful little English Angora rabbit that was adopted in January, 1998. She produced a translucent white wool, so soft & so warm. She was a spunky bunny. After a long illness in the spring, the early winter of 1998 was just too much for her. She fought thru surgery when the vet did not think there was much hope back in April. So much joy all those nights I held her in my lap an d hand feed her with a syringe, helping gain her strength. But that December night, she died with dignity, love and warmth. Oh, the comfort one saw in her eyes, as if life had been a struggle. A part of me wanted to nurse her back to health again but a pa rt of her told me


November 11, 1997 to January 8, 1999

In memory of our beloved Sedona who touched our hearts in so many ways.
Our furry little ferret who loved to run and play,
With her brother, Bandit, by her side each day.
Rainbow Bridge is now where she will play
With other ferrets everyday.
From us we wished she would never part,
She knows she is loved and in our hearts.


February 14, 1994 to December 31, 1998

Sasha, our sweet Sasha. From the first time I held you I knew that you were sent to me to teach me how to love again. Oh, I am sorry for the pain you suffered and I know that someday we will play on the Rainbow Bridge together. We miss you soooooooo much.... You were an angel, not a ferret.... Mommy, Tiff, Ash, Bouncie and Butterscotch..


November 5, 1995 to July 4, 1998

Squirt, you were such a sweet ferret I really miss you. What a difficult time you had in the end not knowing what was wrong all the trips to the vet only to find out the bad news that I couldn't help you. Until we meet again I love you dearl y and miss you. say hello to squirt one who I miss every day such a tragedy and short short life I hope you've met and tell her how sorry I was that I could not help her either

From:amyk@torch lake.com

, to December 02, 1998

For a small, fragile ferrret, She taught me how to live life to the fullest! This sweet, loving baby has a place beside GOD. May he enjoy and love her as I ! Goodbye, Lover You will be missed. :(


Sonic (the hedgehog)
September 30, 96 to November 28, 98

You were so sweet and funny, we will miss you terribly. Your loving family, Mommy loves you!!


September , 1991 to October , 1998

Sable, our precious baby, you gave us so much joy in the time that you were with us and owned us. We miss you so much, there is a big empty space to fill in this home but, we couldn't bear to see you suffer. We miss your little ferret kisses and our" moments" we shared with you. Even Scotty misses you even tho he pretended to get so annoyed with you. We know that you are happy and healthy and have lots of peanut butter on rainbow bridge. We love you baby and will never forget you. Bye for now.


October 01, 1993 to May 28, 1998

Shaquielle was my tiny albino who like to crawl the basement shelves into the ceiling. I could never find him. He was always evasive and didn't like to be held. Then one day we found out that he was really a she. She started losing her hair and showed signs of adrenal tumor. Our vet sent us on to Cornell University for the most updated care possible. It was a drive but worth it, because she was worth it. Surgery didn't help, she was far to gone and might not make it thru the nite. Well, she was bald but lived 2 months. I was also bald going thru chemo. I laid her on my warm belly every day and she loved the warmth. I was hospitalized and the next day Shaquielle never woke up. She knew it was the right time to go. I will probably see her soon on Rainbow Bridge........


March , 1996 to March , 1997

Squeak...my furry little hamster friend. I so miss watching you play on your wheel and run in your ball. Thanks for the good times we shared together.


October 18, 1981 to January 2, 1998

Shadow, Such a sweet girl, I miss you


January 1, 1991 to October 20, 1998

What can you say about a ferret? You can say they are mischievous little carpet sharks. You might say they are wonderful thieves of rubber based objects. You can even discover yourself saying they have some surprising ways to show you love. I can say all of this about my Sheba and so much more. I can say Sheba was a ferret capable of multiple dimension travel. How else do you explain how she was found on the ground safe and sound after running out onto our roof and jumping? Sheba was affectio nate to no end, kisses were aplenty when she was in the area. Even when hit with adrenal tumors and being operated on, she was eager to show her love both to us and our younger ferret. What can you really say about a ferret? Not enough. Sheba is and will be missed. I love you baby and we celebrate your life eternally.


April 21, 1980 to July 12, 1996



Sunny Bird
March 1994, to September 1998,

Sunny, we miss you! Fly free now with Cindy who went to the bridge before you. I know she has been waiting and is elated to see you again! Your beautiful babies left behind are the legacy of your and Cindy's love. Wait for us, we will meet you at the bridge and you can ride on our shoulders as we all cross together. We love you Sunny and will look forward to the day we meet again!


, to August 19, 1998

Goodbye my little licky boy. Take care of your sister Tiki now. We love you and miss you. Always.


Suki Ferret Girl Halbert
July 15, 1991 to September 29, 1998

Suki was my little angel. She greeted each day with incredible joy. I love her with all my heart. Her bravery in the face of cancer was inspiring. I will never forget her, and she will always be with me. Rest well little girl. I love you so much buggy-boo. I miss you. I know the end was hard for you, and I thank you for staying so long. How desparatly I want to hold you one more time, you will never be far from my thoughts. Sweet little angel, there just are no words to describe how I miss you. I was always so proud of you.No one could have asked for a better baby girl. Grandma, and Grandpa and Shawn miss you too. We all thank you for your love, and all that you taught us in your seven years. Wait for me, in the safe place, I will always love you, Mommy


December , 1989 to October , 1997

The cutest little ferret that I have ever seen . And the one I will never forget.


Sweet Pea
December 10, 1993 to September 02, 19981995

We love you so much, Sweet Pea.


Sun in Hiding (Heidi)
November 28, 1990 to September 7, 1998

Heidi loved us and we loved her. We'll miss her talking to us - everything's much too quiet without her already. I'm so sorry, baby, that we couldn't keep you with us longer. You were a very good girl and you tried so hard to stay. Rest, no w, sweetie, we'll see you later. We love you.


May 10, 1994 to August 29, 1998

The sweetest little Girlie,Hot Chocolate thief and face-licker. Your Mummy and Daddy and little sister miss you.



November 15, 87 to February 4, 99

The most wonderful dog I've ever known, you are greatly missed, love. Wherever you are, I hope that you're happy and I know you suffer the pain no more.


Tommy the Turtle
January 11, 1997 to January 28, 1999

My dearest Tommy, What am I going to do now? I used to take such comfort in the way you would look at me. I remeber how you would just sprawl out in the palm of my hand and look at cartoons with me. You would always make me feel at peace with myself and with the world. If ever I had a bad day, all I had to do was take you out of your aquarium and look at you. I would wonder how you looked at the world, and I knew that nothing bothered you. Looking at you swim around or sun yourself on your rock was the best medicine that I could ever have on the days I was stressed out, or upset. I will truly miss you, my little


March 07, 1986 to October 21, 1998

October 20, 1998

Dear Megan and Ashley,

It is very unfair that I cannot talk to you like you talk to me. I wish I could say goodbye so that you can hear it. Even though I don't talk with my voice, I can say plenty with my eyes. Your Dad helped me write this letter to you by reading my eyes ( he is very good at it).

I know that you were sad last night because it will soon be my time to go. As you know I am a very old dog and I am very sick. Although the doctors can probably do things to keep me alive for a little longer, I don't think that I would be happy. As far back as I can remember I always felt loved. I had a great home and could not ask for anything more. But my fondest memories were of you two. I hope you know that my only job in life was to serve and protect you, my happiness didn't matter if you were n't happy. That is why when you were scared or sad I was always at your bedside. I remember the great times we had…. taking walks, doing tricks, and chasing the flashlight. I remember how you both would laugh when I tried to catch the light, but could never do it. I remember just laying down in front of the TV with you, knowing that we are all one big family.

I know that my time to leave will be here soon. I haven't been feeling very good lately and I'm afraid that I will get worse. My heart was very sad to hear you and Mom cry last night. I didn't mean to make you so sad. I'm sure you were crying because y ou'll miss me so much. I have a little secret to share - last night after you went to bed, your Dad laid down on the floor next to me and pet me for an hour and he cried too. I guess that was when I realized that I didn't have much time left.

I wanted to thank you two for making me the happiest and the luckiest dog ever. There are not too many dogs that have two very beautiful girls to love and get love from. Always remember me when I was healthy and happy. I will always be watching over yo u. So if you are sad or lonely and you need a friend, just think about me and I'll be there even if you don't see me. Thank you for loving me so much.

Your faithful and loyal dog,



March 02, 1995 to October 04, 1997

Tinkerbell was a one of a kind ferret and she is dearly missed. She was always the first to welcome us home and load us with kisses and cuddles. When I would wash her towels I would always think to myself what I would without her. Now I know a nd it's very hard. Tinkerbell,we love you and miss you. Hope God is keeping you safe and warm. I'm sorry you had to die so soon but remember we love very much!


August 04, 1993 to January 06, 1999

Otherwise known as Boo, the ferret. Boo was skitterish, having come from a bad home, but she adapted well into our household. She became as close as her fear would allow her to Smeagol & Pandora (our other two ferrets), and she became complete ly trusting of people. She had 3 good years with us & I wish it could have been more. This little one was very special in her own Boo way. We will miss you little Boo. Play well & play hard where you are sweetie. Love, Tracey, Ron, Smeagol & Pandora


May 1, 1990 to December 21, 1998

Tappy was a lovable cat - she was fat but at least she had a great vigor for eating. Everything. Carpet, shoelaces, leaves, plants, wood, mud, etc. That's what did her in - that and the vet lying to me. She ate holes in my carpet. But I m iss her. I lost my $750 deposit on my apartment, but I still miss her. I hate that I had her killed - the vet told me she was perfectly fine for 8 months. He said she was just being bad. I believed him. Now I find out she really might have had proble ms because the vet never ran the tests he charged me for in April & August. I was so mean to her because I thought she was healthy & being stubborn. She was not healthy - there was something wrong that my vet failed to diagnose. He was there for the Ma sterCard symbol, not the animals. I feel so betrayed, and like I completely let my Tappy cat down. Now Taz and Tasha spend each day & night looking for her & carrying her toys to the laundry room where I locked her up that last day before I had her kill ed. I feel tremendous guilt, and I miss Tappy. I hope they have carpet in cat heaven for her to eat. I will never forgive myself.


September , 1989 to October , 1998

Luv my Tippykins ALWAYS
Keep an eye out for me, I'll be looking for you!


March 13, 1989 to November 15, 1998


January 01, 1994 to October 20, 1998

Tazzie was a loving ferret. She now joins the other two of her trio: Arnold and Coral. May they forever do the dance of joy.


October 19, 1997 to May 14, 1998

I miss you Tiki. I wish I could have saved you and Louise. I miss your dance and the way you talked to me. I can't wait to see you again. You are loved and missed by everyone, especially Butch and Phantom. Play on, Tiki...


April 1, 1983 to September 29, 1998

My dear Baby. I miss you so much. You brightened my days with your company and brought me happiness whenever I wasn't. You are the one that showed me love, friendship and understanding that only a dog could give. Your spot under the table will forever be vacant and your side of the bed will always be empty. I'll love you forever, miss you always and never forget you Scruff.


December 12, 1992 to December 6, 1997

Goodbye my sweet. Mommy & Daddy will be with you soon. We miss you so much! Nothing's gonna harm you Not while I'm around Demons will charm you with a smile for a while But in time Nothing can harm you Not while I'm around


tasha klein
September 1, 1982 to August 26, 1998

tasha klein, you gave us all the love you had, we did our best to make you happy. you will be with us always, in our hearts. we will be together someday on rainbow bridge. we will never forget the fun we had, you were our child, with all our love Mom and Dad


July , 87 to September 22, 1998

You are not yet gone but we prepare for your death--my good girl--I already miss you. Such Bright eyes and yet your body has given up. But your soul is so beautiful and so free and thats how you'll be remembered--A SWEET SPIRIT is what you a