Blaze Kitchen
Blaze was the most perfect dog I have ever known. He loved his family so much that he tried his best to get well just so he wouldn't disappoint us. During his sickness he never cried out once however the first awful night I had to rush him to the vet, laying on the table he was in so much pain he actually started to cry quietly, never once did he utter a whimper of pain.

Blaze had always been cordial and friendly to any visitor. Never growled,snarled or ever showed any aggression towards anyone. He loved the simple things in life. Going for a ride in the car or the boat or just hanging out with us on warm summer nights on the front porch watching people drive by. Some of his favorite things to do was to chase airplanes flying overhead and squirrels, (never caught one) playing with his brother and sisters or his daddy. The one thing that stands out in my mind the most is when the gate to his pen was blown open by a strong wind he wandered out into the yard. I have no way to now how long he had been out but when I came home he was waiting for me in the front yard and when he saw me he sat up and waited until I had stopped the car and got out. He then came to me scared but happy to see me. He could have wandered, got lost or worse. But he didn't because he knew where his home was and who loved him so much. My wife and I tried to save him by taking him to the University of Georgia Animal Clinic and spending alot of money on him. Probably alot more than most people would. But he was worth every cent. Although his spirit was strong, his body was not. There will never be another Blaze but he will be in our hearts forever. My only comfort I have is to know that he is healed and living with his brother and many other love ones that have gone onto a better life. Your poem, "Rainbow Bridge" did bring us comfort and helped to heal our broken hearts. I only hope I will be as good as he was so someday I can see him again. When we recover finacially I will start a memorial fund in Blaze's name to help unwanted and abused animals.
We all love you Blaze.

God bless you baby.
Daddy,Mama,Angel,BJ and Callie.
You will NEVER leave our hearts.