Willie the Cat

My beloved Willie (the Cat) was born sometime in 1989. I literally ran into (over) him during his misspent youth as a farm cat who lost eight of his nine lives under the right front wheel of my Dodge Van (I was heading to work, Willie was heading out of a cornfield and across the road). The Van=1. Willie=0. Willie went to the vet, came home with me, and we were fast friends until something killed him on July 12, 1991 - the night he didn't come home. And he *always* came home. We found his little body five days later - might have been hit by a car and dragged himself up to our barn. I will never forget you, Willie. You were the most wonderful kitty I ever knew. Buddhist legend says pets are in their last reincarnation before becoming human. I'll look for you, babe. If not here, then in the Summerland by the Rainbow Bridge.


Your devoted human - Rainey.