Tigris Vance

The sweetest kitty in the world-the long struggle to raise you and your brothers seemed over-you'd had your kitten shots twice and were well-weaned after having been orphaned at the age of <24 hours-you were SO loving and sweet that I wanted to take you with me when I went to visit my Grandma in Chicago, but Mom said "No" so I said "good-bye to you on Thursday morning. If I had known that next Thursday morning they would find you stiff and cold at the vets' I would NEVER have left you! They said you had an intussesception of the intestine and it was discovered too late I blamed myself when Mom told me what happened. There will never be another Tigress!

Ben Vance-age 11

PS My mom really misses you, too. She says you can't live with a tiny kitten through tube feeding and bottle feeding and weaning, only to lose it the minute you go away, and not hate yourself forever-maybe that's why I told her I wasn't going on any more vacations. Ben