Ode To Racy

You were my tiny, fluffy, white cloud with a silver lining my dear, A quiet and gentle love that always could be found sleeping with the boys. They loved you in a most endearing way, For Lightstar you were a sister & soulmate and for Fang a special love.

You were so small and needed a bit more size to you, So came the Nutri-cal which became your Yummy. Each nite you visited me looking for that Yummy knowing it would always be there, You knew somehow you needed it and loved it any way it was given.

Quickly the size was added and you seemed healthy, But apparently somehow you weren't. You slept a lot and seldom wanted cuddles, But when you did want them you got them immediately upon request.

You changed Mommy's mind about how cute an Albino could be, She always thought them not quite so cute with those gleaming red eyes. But she was wrong and you showed her just how beautiful you were, Inside and out and in every way.

There was just something so special about you Racy, And so you took possession of the prettiest bell and nametag. Mommy gladly gave them for they were meant for you, The petite and beautiful little girl that you were.

Your nametag is now worn next to Mommy's heart, So the piece of you I have left is always close. I wish it were you lieing there instead, But I understand that you had to leave.

You had a different way of moving, Unlike your brothers and sisters. It seemed to me you literally danced your way through life my love, Your bells would jingle in a way that made them sound like music.

God I miss the sound of dancing bells, I always knew when it was you without even looking. You were the one that always chattered when you played, No one else does that even still.

I miss your chattering too, GOD I MISS YOU RACY! But I feel your little paws upon my cheek in the dark of nite, I feel the tiny kisses you give to me.

You were and are still my most special deaf and blind girl, You taught me much about recognizing these conditions. But you never let them hold you back did you?, No indeed you never did.

You were much too young to leave me my love at not even a year, Why oh why did you have to go? I can only believe that the Ferret God felt you were too special to be Earthbound, And so he took you my little Saint Racy to where you belonged all along.

I was not prepared in any way to lose you so soon, It broke my heart so completely I felt it was ripped from my chest. There will always be a piece of that heart that belongs only to Racy, It lies dormant except for when my thoughts turn to you, which is often.

I thank the Ferret God for letting me say goodbye to you before you left, I will always be most grateful for that. I got to hold you gently in my arms and kiss and stroke your soft fur, Telling you how very much I loved you and that I would miss you so.

Nothing can ever take your place my dear, Tho your journey across the Rainbow Bridge left room for another to join your family. Your new brother Trouble arrived soon after you departed, He does not replace you, for nothing can, but he thanks you for leaving room for him.

Still I cry for the absence of you but then I remember where you are, You are now most assuredly my own special Guardian Angel Ferret. You fly through the heavens with the eyesight of an eagle and can hear my tears drop, You are no longer tired and without energy most of the time but rambunctious as a kit.

All your favorite things are there in plenty, And you partake as often as you wish. You look down on us keeping a watchful eye, Visiting often and delivering warnings when needed.

I listen for your footsteps day and nite, And smile when I faintly hear them. I know you are now totally happy and at peace, For I feel your feelings when you are near.

Somehow we feel that your wish for your future, Is to return to this earth as a ferdog and live with ferrets. Just like your Poda-ferret Mommy Rascal, How proud she is!

Fly high and strong and remember all the best things of your life as my daughter, I tried my best to make you happy after you joined your life with mine. I know not what your life was like before, But I know you learned to wardance and play for the 1st time with me.

I realized as I watched you in your new home, That you didn't know how to do either of these. My, how you learned quickly tho, Soon you danced and played and dooked all over the place.

Land softly on my heart and feel the love, warmth and safety I hold there just for you, And do a little wardance while you're there. Kiss my face softly as you used to do, Dooking your special 'I love you Mommy' softly in my ear, for I will hear you.

Feel my gentle caresses upon your body, Savor the sweet kisses I shower upon you. Know I will love you forever and a day, A love so deep and strong that it will ensure I never forget you.

Visit the boys and lay beside them once more as they sleep, Tho you will find Rowdy and Precious there now comforting them. They never joined you all before but they know the boys need them now, For their most special little girl has left and gone on that final journey.

I cried so hard when you left me, I thought that I would die without you. I let your siblings say goodbye too, So they would not be confused by your sudden disappearance.

I know that your brothers and sisters need me so much, And that others like Trouble will need me in the future. Always there will be room with us for a fuzzy in need, So I know I must wait until it is my time.

Also I have too much to do with our Club, So many things to accomplish and so many fuzzies to help. I know you will guide me in my work, Always being there to remind me of that special love that only you could give.

I want so very much to thank you for being my special daughter, For teaching me only what you could teach. My words are so inadequate tho, I will rely on my heart instead to give you the message the right way.

I know when it is my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge that you will be there, Waiting for me and ready to show me a whole new world of brightness filled with wonder. Your brothers and sisters may cross before me and so they will be there too, But you are the 1st to cross and will be the one to lead us from the darkness into the light.

My heart and soul is forever joined to yours, Along with my other furry children. I am the better for it for I have never experienced such complete love and joy, I am indebted to all that is for having such an irreplaceable family.

So goodbye for now my beloved Racy tho I will see you again, Soar high and strong thru the heavens among the sparkling stars with your gossamer wings. Watching over your family and visiting them often, Never to return but always here with us nonetheless.