Sneaky Pete

March 1994 - September 21, 1995

The soul takes flight
To the world of the invisible
And there arriving
He is sure of bliss
And forever dwells in paradise.

You were our first. We saw you in that cage and fell in love. You taught us almost everything we know about ferrets. We got you a companion, Jessica, but an illness took her from us. Still you remained happy and loving. We then got you a younger companion, Sloppy Joe, and you fought. But still, through it all, you stayed happy. You won Joey's heart as well as ours. At two years old, a dog took you from us. A light in our hearts has died, but you will stay with us forever. We miss you and love you, Baby Petey. Walk the Bridge and wait for us.

John and Tonya Angelus, Sloppy Joe, Penelope and Siegfried