Grandpa Moses

It is with sadness that I relay the completion of Moses Journey over the rainbow bridge. Grandpa Moses as he was named came into our lives at Ferret Wise as a surrendered breeding ferret from VT. His arrival and that of ten other ferrets was a heart wrenching event. All ferrets were severely malnourished, vitamin deficient, had never had vet attention and had been fed raw vegetables for the most part previous to their surrender. The animals had been caged in breeding groups- 3 or 4 females and 2 males to a cage. The males were cut and scarred from the battles over the females during breeding season.

The males received at the shelter varied in age from 2 - 6 plus years. Moses was estimated to be the oldest of the group at 6-7 years of age. All males were severely hobbled. They had not been afforded caging adequate to move enough to keep their muscles intact. The nails on all ferrets were so long they looked like cheerios attached to the feet. The nails were yellow and dead and took it took some time for any of the animals to regain good walking posture.

Moses never actually regained full mobility, he was still very stiff-legged and did shuffle due to lack of muscle development even after some aggressive whirlpool therapy and range of motion exercises. He and the others in his group had never been handled by friendly humans and they were frightened at the appearance of hands. It took much time for any of these animals to allow themselves to be picked up and handled, but those days did finally arrive. At the time of neutering we discovered that Grandpa Moses had testicular cancer. We brought him home hoping for the best that he would be granted the time to live life as a ferret should -- learning to play and dance. Once he found it was alright to do more than huddle in a cage, he became fond of balls. They were everywhere. Later he would prefer yellow tennis balls and always you would find him napping in a tent with 3 or 4 balls tucked around him.

Grandpa was placed in foster care for several months but was returned to the shelter when they decided to move out of state and did not have room for him. He was a joy and loved by the shelter Mom, Pop and volunteers. He was given plenty of space and playtime and enjoyed his solitude and playtimes. His battle ended when after several weeks of tumultuous health lymphosarcoma ravaged his body. Given the fast rate of growth and his debilitated state both the shelter Mom and vet felt it would be wise for his journey to begin. At 6:20 PM on Thursday, June 27th Grandpa Moses left the pain behind as he crossed over the rainbow bridge. We will miss him greatly. Our comfort is knowing that he will never be abused or neglected again and also that though arriving at the dusk of life he did indeed learn that ferrets can play. We wish Grandpa Moses well and know that he has taken his favorite tennis balls with him as he plays and waits for those he loved. Grandpa Moses gently rests in Ferrets View we are sure his spirit will guide the shelter kids on whom he watches over. Peace be with you Moses.