In Memory of Emil, 24/3 1997

Dear Emil,

We brought you home that first day,
I remember it like it was yesterday
I was only three at the time,
but I remember very well

Your black little body
Not very little at all
You must agree
You were quite big

We bought you from your owners
Who are you waiting for?
You were old, and we were
we didn't know you were so old

I remember giving you water
Making up that that day was your
Like I did everyday
Like kids do, of course

I remember when we got the dog
She loved you so much
A better couple couldn't be
Than you, a guinea pig and she

She griefed at your death
Walked around whining where
your cage had been
I was cryin' too, helplessly

We miss you dear Emil
Now that we are looking
for a replacement
Siv still remembers you,
She whines when she see
the empty cage in my room


Dear Emil,

When I first was brought home to this family. You were there. I looked up to you. Respected you! I remember how we used to play. Your black shiny fur didn't tell us how old you really were. Your claws, didn't tell either. You were then, as always, treated as the young guinea pig we wished you were. Thank you for bringing up a pup like me. Thank you for caring. I remember you now, that I see the cage Emma has bought. The waterbottle and everything looks like the old days, when you were here. The cage smells like guinea pigs, since the former owner of the cage had such in there. I cry silently to myself and look at the cage. I wish you were there. It's so empty, as she hasn't bought a rabbit yet. I put my paw on the cage, looking for you from corner to corner. Why did you leave me. You weren't suppose to. You were suppose to live for ever, take care of me. Now I am old too. Jumping from healthy to sick, at my not so very young, 8, years old... Wait for me, and our family, at rainbow bridge. Please wait for us and don't pass by when your old family comes..

Exclusive (the family dog, you remember?)