To remember Codo, my first ferret:

Codo was an unusual ferret. Yeah, she may have looked like an ordinary ferret, but if any ferret owner knows, no two are alike in any way. She would constantly ride on my shoulders anywhere I went. If I went fishing, Codo would get fresh live bait as a snack. It would either be shrimp, only the largest one, or fresh finger-sized fish, live. She was as spoiled as any ferret could be. Trully one of a kind. Where I live, there was a bar on the water where she was welcome. This is also where we would fish together. Codo knew all the regulars. In fact, she even shared a drink or two with some of the people. What I think was special about her was that if she was not allowed to drink out of the glass of who she wanted to, she would back up over that person's lap and leave a nice present. (If you know what I mean!) All the people that knew her, however, knew to let her have a couple of sips. So everyone got to know Codo there, one way or another!

Codo also went with me to many other places. She was like a sunny shadow I could not get ride of. The way she passed the Rainbow Bridge was an unfortunate accident. One day, when I was out, my younger brother went to give her a bath for me. Normally, Codo doesn't mind, but I guess since I was not there, she stuggled. Her nose dipped under water for a moment. Long enough for her to sniff enough water to knock her unconsious. Then she stopped breating. On the way to the emergency animal clinic, she was revived, yet in shock. The vets did all they could for her. They kept her in an incubator overnight, with a warm blanket while she was alive. But I guess this wasn't going to work. When anyone went to check on her and tapped the tank, she would go insane. (Brain-dammage.) Nobody knows what time it was, but while she was sleeping, she silently passed on with no pain. When I went to bury her, I took a last look at my angel. Codo looked as if she was still asleep with a smile on her face. I guess she is happy to be out of pain now. But I miss her so much! And I kow she missed me too! We had a special bond together!

Be Happy Codo Where Ever You Are! I Love You!
Your best friend and owner,