Brandy Alexandra Von Gress Ambrosia

Brandy was the 1st Saint Bernard we ever had, she was a dear sweet girl. When she was 4 months old, even though she had her shots, and was current, she got Parvo. Every day for a week back and forth to the vest 2 times a day, to try and save her, our Vets, Dr. Garber & Dr.Koenig, did wonders and kepthher going. She survived . She got a playmate from the SPCA, Samantha, who was a black lab/terrier mix, who was a devil at times. Brand was mated twice, took the 2nd time to the Champion, Folly Barnes Lazarous our of Anjon Saints, in Norristown, PA. She had from what we know the smalles litter on record, 1 St. Bernard Puppy, born on 7/3/84 his name was Baron Hansel Von Gress Ambrosia. The 3 of them were inseparable. Helping the kids and my late father when he could not move around very well. We acquired Anjon Saints Little Wizard( Champion Min Pin), Spanky we called him in 1984, and now the family grew to 4 dogs, 1 cat, 3 humans. When we moved to MN, wwe got Hans's half sister, Heidi Rita Marie Von Gress Ambrosia, and the 5 of the dogs traveled with us to MN, in the cold snowy winter of 1987. All lived well, enjoyed life. Spanky was getting old and unable to control himself, he left us in Al's arms on 3/17/92. Brandy was diagnosed with Cancer of the bone in Jan of 1992, and was put to sleep, most reluctantly, on 3/24/92. Spanky I am sure was glad to see her at Rainbow Bridge. My father joined those 2 great dogs at Rainbow Bridge on 4/8/92. On 7/9/93 Heidi passed away due to bloat/torrison and Sammy joined her in her old age on August 8, 1993. Hans continued on and we picked up other great dogs form the SPCA, our own breeding, kennel program. Hans left us on 4/10/96 a tired giant and great noble friend who played well with all of the puppies. There were many other dogs we have had in our lives, each and everyone has a special place in our heart and are never forgotten. We have had many min pin puppies born, as well as pomperainians and chihuhuhas. Some were easy births several were not. Al & myself did everything to save our dogs, money no object, even when we did not have enough...we always found the funds for the vets to take care of them. In Feb of 1995, we lost our Fritzel the 1st, pomerainina, 1 year old, died from Parvo, that was brought into our home by an woman claiming to want to buy a puppy or two. She never told us her dogs had died recently from Parvo. Even though our dogs were all properly and current in vacinations, Parvo still struck them down. We lost Beethoven the 1st(St.Bernard), Friztel the 1st(Pomerainian), Wylie(Pom/Min pin mix), Jimmy, Madeline, Johnny(2 wk old min pins), Clover the 1st(Pomerainian). Only Missey, Beethovens sister and Maria( Clovers sister), survived. The heartache, IV in the house, up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week doing everthing for these wonderful "kids". Holding them in your arms as they left you, or holding them as the vet helped them along. Thank you Dr. Jenny Aldridge and her assistant in all they did and do for us and our dogs. We love dogs, as you can see, many people think we are nuts and that is ok. We love people too...but dogs are still #1 in our lives. Sorry I have rambled on... If you are looking for a great friend, one who never questions you, who listens to you, all the time, does not care if you have a ton of bucks, or as poor as a church mouse, you will never find that in a human, only in a dog.

An American Indian legend, stated that when the earth was being split apart by the waters, all the animals jumped to one side, leaving man on one side alone. AT the last instant before the canyon was too big, only 1 animal jumped to be by the side of man. The animal...yep...the DOG. Spell DOG backwards and you have GOD. My father and mother, God rest their souls, told us of all the friends we may have in the world, only the dog would be the ultimate and truest of true friends. Never would our dogs betray our trust, our thoughts, our secrets. God saw how mankind mistreated one another, lied to one another and hurt each other. So God in His mercy and care created the dog for man, to help the man, in all his days on earth. To anyone who has lost a dog, a cat, a gerbil, any animal, know that you have a speical place in God's heart for wheter you had that little one for 1 minute or 100 years, you did more than most people do in a lifetime. To all of you, God Bless and Protect and know that your pet will one day be with you never to be parted again.

To all of our pets, that have gone to Rainbow Bridge, think kindly of us, look on us and help us, know that you will never be replaced, not in a million years. That we wait for the day when we are called home to Him, that you will be there to guide us to everlasting happiness. We are sorry for anything we did or failed to do for each of you, and only pray you can forgive us. All of our love now, forever and a day. Tom and Al

If anyone would like a nice dog, puppy or adult, from our kennel, please call us, we have several great gals and guys who are looking for loving, caring homes. Donations will be for the local humane shelter. Thank you; Tom C. Ambrosia Ph.D., Albert P.Ambrosia, RN, CVT Villa Ambrosia Kennels, 3817 Iris Cr, Burnsville, MN 55337 612-894-1832 FAX 882-7907 EMail;